Saturday, October 16, 2004

How did my novel go?

Hi, long time no see.I'm take393...remember me?
As I was publishing my essay dozens ot time, however it hasn't still appeared on the blogger's index you know...Is there anything else I must do to allow other viewers to check it out?
Well, that makes me irritating, you know... just forget about that.
Well, I have written my novel for years when I was at late 20s, but I strapped for cash, so I gave up publishing.
But I really loved to writing itself , no matter what was happening around me.So I' ve just kept going on and on until up to 35.
As you already kwow, I made up a story just a little bit, because if I write exactly what I experienced,it should be boring you know, and what's more,to change and see the different world was more interesring to hooked on. So I redrafted again and again to a heart content, and finally it was ready to get all done.
But sorry to say...I didn't exactly remember details about it inside out, so it took me too much time to review what was going on the novel.
We're running out of time, and I guess I'd better try to continue next time, see you back again...folks!