Sunday, May 01, 2011

Make yourself at home !

Already May came in, and we are spending Golden Week nationwide here in Japan. About Golden Week, you can also check Holidays of Japan, where you can discover more a lot. 

As you know, I usually mention social realms here on my introduction. However I cannot come up with any other topics except our devastation though I have already referred to it dozens of times over a couple of months.
Today let me just take you to the beautiful photo tour that makes you captivate and feel more relaxed for sure.
I listed up top 10 beautiful photos on my own judgment among all, which are in my Facebook photo albums.

Most of these photos were taken in my neighborhood. Even Cherry Flowers went all the way up to north, there still a bunch of beautiful flowers as you see in the picture. 

For details, visit where you can find further information about each photo.