Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Real Love is・・・

Lying under the sun with your eyes closed
The April wind talks to you with a smile

Heed the sound of leaf's giggling
Kindness embraces your wounded heart
Leaves any sorrow behind

Listen to the children's laughter
Innocent heart awakes your solitude
And the hope showers upon you

Far above the silence dreamed of eternal bonds
Over the rainbow casts the glory of victory

When you smile day and night
Everything is brighter than
The shining stars upon the Milky Way

When you shine and thank to god
Spirit takes your heart
Takes your loneliness away

Don't wake up in the darkness
You can't see what you are

Looking for your heart is brightening
You can see the truthfulness,
That is the real love

Current mood: peaceful
Category: Writing and Poetry