Monday, July 17, 2006

A polite way of speaking

Hi viewers,
Right after I had posted my last updates, I managed to get a decent job.
Every time I take job training at the moment, it will last until the end of September. It’s far beyond my expectation as well.
Of course, I need to acquire some expert skills before run. What makes me most difficult is, how to use polite language accurately, even though Japanese is my native tongue.
When you talk with your friends, maybe you don’t take much care about the accuracy of language, but when it comes to speaking in public, especially when you talk with your customers, you can’t get away from the accurate terms.

On one hand, it is often said that communicating allows you to know each other, able to sympathize what other people discussing.
On the other hand, it often gets you into troubles unless you clarify your points, or heed someone’s voice at times during the formal conversations.
When you attend the social gatherings, you’ve got to be more tolerant than speaking in private of course. Also your language should be far more coherent all the times, no matter how it got you frustrated, even some disparaging comments were showered upon you from your opponents.

What makes me struggle so far is, I can’t get the hang of using the polite way of speaking while at work, because I seldom paid much attention to my then customers who were likely to go insolvency. I had to urge them to pay their debts immediately as well.
I regarded those customers as untrustworthy, so sometimes my utterance might sound so harsh to them, that they couldn’t catch up with.

As of today, I made up my mind to change my thoughts.
In order to put it more specific, I show my episode down below;

A few days ago, I met some of my then coworkers to reminisce about old times. But I ended up with discouraging in a certain way, due to their menial topics while having a chat with.
Take my friend’s case, for instance.

He is actually talkative, even eloquent enough to argue when casting his views to other parties involved. Yet it was unfortunate to know that he still contented with his current status, no matter how I encouraged him to foray into interacting non residents, namely Caucasians.
I know it’s far beyond his thoughts when he tries to be a reconnaissance while taking into further steps to it, no matter how he is extrovert enough to interact with.

What I’d like to explore from showing above is, interacting people living in a different culture, or society definitely allows you to broaden your thoughts. It helps discover a formal way of speaking by doing language exchange as well.
Sticking to your current status is of course one way to look at it, and I don’t intend to ignore the way people doing that kind of things.
But how come you obstinately shut your door especially to non Japanese from which you can learn a lot more?
In order to achieve this goal, I’ll occasionally try to head out for social gatherings to get acquainted with. After all, it enables me to activate myself for sure, where I can acquire some polite way of speaking as well which is quite apart from what I used to be.

Ok, catch you later!