Monday, December 19, 2005

Do they know it's Christmas?

Hi viewers!
As you know, Christmas is coming just right up ahead, and the local businesses are likely to be pretty hectic around, as the shoppers are eager to make purchases for their spouses and kids by way of thanks giving. In the U.S, I think its life style has already taken a firm, like spending times together with their families, relatives or friends. Besides it seems that Christmas really makes their day. I think Christmas holidays are one of their privileges to take their mind off work once a year, when taking their tough times while they're at work into account. I'm not sure accurately how hard times they've got to spend during business hours though. Anyway, they are deserved to receive privileges in Christmas holidays.

To the contrary however, in Japan, Christmas makes no difference in comparison with other holidays such as Children's Day, or anything else.
The reason? Well, I can bring up one thing that explains properly. Japanese are said to be working ants, since 1960s when the country was booming in the waves of high growth of the economy. Since then, people are devoted to their work, making sacrifices for their folks, and that's what their aesthetics are.

Meanwhile, Christmas had already been taken over to the young couples those who are deep in love with each other. There are actually numerous of events like the Disney's attractions and stuff, which draws young guys an awful lot. I think for most married couples in Japan, Christmas is rather troublesome, in other words, it's really pain in the ass when considering their monthly income.
Because they've got to make down payments far in advance for their purchasing houses when they're newly-wed as well as they've got to make payments for their monthly insurances and things like that.

To make matters worse, Japan's economy still seems to be stagnant, and that's why people cannot afford to spend their money for Christmas. Besides it seems they are not good at spending times on holidays due to their current working conditions. That's the story of how they are ignorant of getting a kick out of Christmas, and that's the way it is.

So how do they know it's Christmas?