Sunday, February 13, 2005

I' m not sure how to use msn messenger !

Hi..I'm take393, today I'd like to mention one more thing related to the internet.
Remember that I refered to it last week?
Actually, I did several different types of things, like sending e mails, posting on the messase board, blogging like I'm just doing right at the moment, searching for information and stuff.
But as for MSN MESSENGER, I still haven't got any clue how to work on it, and it seems I'm stuck as well.
So I'd like to say it's all greek to me when it comes to using MSN MESSENGER, I failed to download, failed to sigh in. put it precisely, I tentatively tried to start chatting, but eventually I failed to do that.
There might be a reason why I can't start chatting, that is to say, this computer may have some functions restrained by the owner. As we're sharing computers in our room, this is not my own ...thus we can't access some web page for sure, then of course, the software which version is downloaded may not have enough capacity and it may not have been upgraded either for the time being. So, probably we need to have a newer version downloaded sooner or later.

I don't know when it would come to reality, but I'm dying to start talking over the internet on the spot, as well as seeing face to face from time to time.
May be, some other residents consider exactly the same way as I do...especially for the people who are forced to have hard days of work and don't have much time to see face to face.

Alright, we're running out of time now, see you next time...take care !