Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can we prevent from disaster?

Hi viewers!
As you already know, when you read newspapers elsewhere around the world, everyday it cannot be avoidable to take a closer look at the current disaster taking place in the U.S, namely the Hurricane Katrina, which was spreading throughout the 4 states, which are Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. There're estimated thousands of casualties around, who were stranded at the site after losing their homes, also those who were forced to evacuate after the bulk of town like New Orleans had been submerged because of it.
Also there're still estimated hundreds of missing citizens, and I imagine that some of them must have succumbed to death, like being buried under the ground.

On the other hand,I hear looters raided local businesses along the main streets in New Orleans because of lack of food and water.
Now that the city of New Orleans which is renowned as the birth place of Jazz music was already disrupted, and yet it haven't seen any signs of reconstruction.

Meanwhile, President Bush made an on the spot inspection the other day, saying it would take years to recover from the devastation to Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Also the government started to aid by providing food supplies, but it seems it's just a drop in a bucket for the most citizens, like the poor and needy, the disabled and stuff.
To make matters worse, it possibly allows further segregation like between rich and poor, or between black and white. Furthermore, there should be a heated controversy taking place among the informed persons against the treatment of the U.S government.

So what we can do now is to raise money for aid to compensate their loss, maybe only a few bucks from each of us those who are capable can save their lives. Why not try to chip in some in order to reconstruct the ruined city like New Orleans?
It goes without saying I'm not a hypocrite, nor am I a daydreamer, but I'd like to say in fair and square that what they need is your humble attitude to help them out with their poverty. If so, it probably makes them more tenacious to grapple with calamity.
Alright, see you soon!