Monday, March 14, 2011

The aftermath of natural disaster

Almost 3 days passed after the incident occurred, seems there're no signs of reconstruction. Still the society is thrown into confusion. Some mass transit is disrupted (no operations in some lines), so cannot go anywhere.
Still Tsunami is likely to be generated at any time. Aftershock of the earthquake occurred hundreds of times so far...and there also was an explosion at another power plant in Fukushima. Residents are now in uproar and are asked to evacuate nearby.

About blackout, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that they will implement for about 3 hours respectively by separating into 5 groups. Mine is supposed to be 16:50-19:50 today. During this period, any electronic devices cannot be used. Just wait and see how it goes for awhile.
There still remains to be seen as of tomorrow.

In many convenience stores or supermarkets, many commodities were already sold out as if they were looted, so it's not easy to come by food and drinks if contingency still continues.

We feel like as if we were back in 1940S, where the World War Ⅱ is taken place, it's not too exaggerated at all!
It is obvious that a threatening disaster hampers social activities to a large extent. And there might be another influx of people who are flocking to the refuge here and there, and the casualties are piled up once contingency has happened any time.

Still aftershock happens occasionally, so you cannot be too careful around it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive natural disaster hits all across the country!

Already 24 hours passed after the incident, but the aftermath of this natural disaster seems unlikely to cease completely.
Some mass transit is still disrupted, so still a lots of commuters left behind and they can't go home and got to evacuate for I'm pretty much luckier!

Yesterday at 2:46 PM in local time...the incident was occurred off the coast of Miyagi prefecture (Northern East Japan), which is around 400km away from Tokyo.
But Tokyo was also jolted an awful lot.

At that time, I was attending some seminar regarding my expecting job. And we were all stunned and stranded at the sight for hours.
Still the aftermath of the disaster seems unlikely to stop in no time, and now it continues...

Many areas in Tohoku (Northern East Japan) region became ruined like ghost towns and stuff. Many people and houses washed away being hit by Tsunami because of massive earthquake, which magnitude was 9.0. It is the second to which hit off the coast of Sumatra in 2004. Yet it is the biggest one in domestic earthquake as ever observed since the survey was began.

About radiation, there was an explosion at one of the power plant in Fukushima Area, and totally 19 of citizens exposed to radiation. But luckily enough, none of them was seriously damaged, according to NHK's broadcast!

Now the casualties are estimated up to more than 1,000 across the country...and over 10,000 of people are still missing. Or at least tens of thousands of people those who live near the epicenter of the earthquake are forced to evacuate their homes. They ended up staying some shelters nearby till it is reconstructed.

Not so long ago, remember there also was a calamity in Christchurch New Zealand, where 28 of our fellows were buried under the ground, and 6 people were already found dead???
The ensuing panic inside the country at this time made us totally disoriented!!

So our government sought for aid to respective countries like our alliance, United States. And it is grateful to us that some countries like USA, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, or even the stricken district New Zealand has given their name to help us out, such as food & water supply.

Now our concerns are that there might be blackout tonight, just because of power shortage, says the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Again, the aftermath of big earthquake as well as Tsunami, or fire-flame at some area in Tohoku region seems unlikely to cease completely. It is still jolted at times even a day passed...