Friday, October 10, 2008

The financial panic!!

The world seems in utter chaos these days as you know, especially in the world market.

One of the major insurance companies here in Japan went bankrupt, because it was also saddled with sub prime related products. The Nikkei stock have also plummeted abruptly in the morning, because the Dow Jones went down so sharply on the previous day and how further it will go down still remains to be seen.

I hear there would be an urgent Finance Ministers Meeting among 7 developed countries, but it is uncertain whether or not they can present drastic measures in the meeting, and investor’s value toward the result of the meeting will hang in the balance until the next week. For me, sounds like I'm twisted around its fingers for a long and so are other personal investors.

I also hear many hedge funds in the US are having troubles with their working capital and they are likely to be collapsed soon, because banks feel reluctant to furnish with funds nowadays, which means banks are also saddled with huge deficits and cannot afford to help them out.

By the way, what’s the hell Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke are doing? Are they sure to put their ideas into practice which passed the bill on last weekend?
I mean to inject the public funds to circulate for helping banks?
It is too vexatious to wait longer!!

Chances are it will never end unless the housing price stops declining and the respective bank will assess the total loss of sub prime mortgage once again in the following settlement.
It may take much longer, but there is no other prescription at all…we all acknowledge the world financial panic has just begun, and we’ll have to get through the tunnel for searching light.