Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hooked on “Sakura”?

Wow...It's beautiful out there!

You know what it means?

So fabulous...full of cherry blossoms! It's an amazing...'cause most people hang out and kick up their heels, drinking and singing and do chatting and stuff under the cherry's trees around throughout a nationwide. Or lying on the lawn, heeding the voice of nature at times does undoubtedly comfort you.

Night view also makes the landscape so fabulous…what's more, temp is still around 65 in Fahrenheit (18 in Centigrade) on average, and the wind is soft and cool.
Under the moonlight, you can discover a different nature of your own by interacting friends or some sweet.

I'm not sure whether its phenomenon is peculiar to my own country Japan or not, but at least it could be said it's one of our culture that characterizes Japan itself.
Also Cherry is featured on many other scenes like movies, dramas, or songs whatever. Especially in Japanese songs, there are so many songs titled Cherry (or Sakura in Japanese term) in connection with loving someone in the course of starting up a new life, for example like graduating and entering schools, or joining a company.
Whenever you hear these songs, they move you to tears with your overlapped memories sometimes.

Moreover it is said that Sakura is one of the symbolic terms when you illustrate the country Japan on the whole. What sounds more realistic is Sakura is regarded as the best hope here in Japan. It makes you activate even though you lose ground at times. I don't mean to exaggerate at all, but it definitely helps brighten yourself in your real life.

Oh...yes, I remember...and so is the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.!! It's unforgettable when considering the strong ties between Japan and the US as well as reminding me of my passing days staying in the U.S when taking a look at pictures of the blossoms along the Potomac River.
Yes, it's breathtakingly beautiful as well.

So anyway it's about time for me to take off the ground as to make a brighter life.