Friday, November 10, 2006

Pretty Tough Days

Hi viewers,
Sorry...I couldn't get around to work on it for a long period, since I had got involved in a series of trouble one after another.’s just an excuse though, maybe that’ll explain when it comes to describing my own family...say, my mom.
I don’t wanna mention details about how things are going at the moment, because it’s sort of a mental problem, and I know most people feel reluctant to hear of it.

In a nutshell, my mom needs be taken care of mentally, as she’s been a depressive, which seems to be quite strong than I was expected.
I’ve only got mom after I had lost sibling and dad respectively over the past few years.
Actually she’s been very serious... um...the symptoms are mainly visual and auditory hallucination that cannot be imagined for most sound people.
After spending a few days with mom, I ended up calling an ambulance in the morning for immediate need.

It was last Sunday when I tagged along mom to the hospital, but the doc said she was not really bad physically, but needs to be taken care of in no time in a mental hospital for awhile.
Then I went black, but had to take controls as to go over some hospitals for her immediate care. But of course it didn’t go by leaps and bounds. I went through a series of setback, but a certain hospital accepted after I had persuaded doc to allow her to be hospitalized.

A few days passed by, nothing went wrong for the time being, it’s kinda a bit relief to me.
Ok…enough of that.
Talk to you later!