Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's just an absurdity...what do you think?

Hi viewers,
To be honest...given my current unstable condition, I found myself in a quandary over whether to do whatever work is necessary to expedite my job hunting, or to seek a decent job as to settle in for the better future. All I can say know I'll keep up with learning English or anything else, like Thai as my second and third language, even the worst comes to worst, and no matter how the situation changes, with the exemption of my sudden passing, I'm sure my determination shall not waver so easily.

Is it absurd of me to think that I'm not a daydreamer, only cheesed of remaining at the same place, just like seeking political asylum in some other nations...? Well, it's just a joke. Yet I believe whether my thoughts are hackneyed, or they are not figments of my imagination at all, even some people might be flabbergasted at them.

Oh…by the way, the English proficiency test what I was supposed to take was taken place last Sunday, and it turned out be completely debacle due to my lack of capability to succeed it.
It is said that a threshold of succeeding the test denotes at least 10,000 words and idioms, and it should be prerequisite as well when you go outside the country and wade through a lot of information and do whatever you want to, including business and so on.
Still, it sounds to me a formidable task being measured up to that level, whereas I’ll try to gear my ass and cram a lot of words, whenever I come off duty.

As for the job, well I’m kind of optimistic, so eventually I believe it gets me somewhere.
But then again, to me, it’s little more than a ploy to turn things around, and of course you’ve got to walk before run. I should think twice as to rally my circumstances as well, in order not to fall for their silly schemes, like some of the remainders of my current work place dissuade me from leaving. As it turned out, I cannot work on 2 things simultaneously after all. Only what I can do is something more dominant that lies right in front of me, so I’ll try to hit the books once again from scratch until at the last minute before starting anything else.

Ok, talk to you later.