Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby, I'm grieving~~

Today, the world seems to be in utter chaos because of the unexpected tragic incidents has been occurred one after another.

As you already know, a massacre in Virginia Tech University, the coverage I popped up on my last updates, was one of the most horrible incidents. The figure indicated the worst record of amount, which counts 32 casualties as well ever since the murder cases had been occurred in the U.S.

In other cases, a mayoral assassination had occurred back and forth during the election campaign here in Japan. Namely, it was the incumbent Nagasaki's mayor, 61, currently in his 3rd terms while taking the office. He was running for his 4th terms for the sake of peace and human dignity. On the way back to his office after making an election campaign, he was abruptly shot by a gangster, 59. That incident threw us voters into an uproar.

In the past time, people had taken the safety for granted in our country in comparison with other nations like the Middle East. Now that many tragic cases had been occurred one after another over the past decade and it still continues, the myth of safety in Japan is getting collapsed nowadays. Especially after the 9.11, Japan is no longer a safe country. It is said that Tokyo is targeted as the place where Al-Qaeda scheme an act of terrorism as well.

In Iraq, a long spell of bomb attacks has been occurring in the guise of "jihad". But I think the Islamic dogma is completely distorted and is just only taken advantage of as to justify the conflicts between the Shiite and the Sunni. It makes no differences among Iraq, U.S, and Japan in which such barbarity was allowed almost at the same time and left many casualties dead, or seriously damaged.

And in my last word to all the viewers, I'd like to express my condolences to all the bereaved families who have lost their beloved folks. I have an eager wish to the governments of respective countries as to take further steps into skirting around such losses immediately. People should abandon offensive weapons, and should be aware of the fact that nothing is settled and make the world safer unless you avoid an armed crash...because no one want to see such a bloodshed any further.