Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'll go off on a tangent

Hi..I'm take393,welcome back again,my fellows!
Well,I'm in a bad fix at the moment...sorry for beating around the bush, but I've got to go off on a tangent for a while.

That is to say, my father has been hospitalized for a few months because of developing a cancer in the vicinity of his liver,you know.
I've been writing certain essays regarding my first novel so far which I drafted in 1993.
But while I'm writing my essays,things were getting so drastically,and I came to a conclusion that I must mention what was going around me.
It was on the 28th of July when my father hospitalized,at that time he was not so bad,though he had some problem with his liver.
Then he started to check up thoroughly,and later he found that he has developed a cancer.
So the doctor recommended us to take a surgery before it spread out.we agreed to have him operated,however it didn't go well.
Meanwhile,he seemed to be getting better gradually,but he began to be feverish all of a sudden from the late of Oct.
I had no idea what was going around,and later we found that he was in critical condition,and the doctor told us that they tried to leave no stone unturned,
however everything went wrong!

'What's the hell you were doing,you are bastard!?'
My mother started to take it out on doctors and she turned to be at a loss right after that.
'Sorry,maam...we know how you feel,but we tried to do our best but he didn't seem to be going well. The only thing we can do for you and your husband is to try to keep his life extended by using a respirator...I guess it should be a last resort we can do...'
So we ended up making a decision that we allow doctors to use a respirator for my father in order to avoid his sudden passing.

As a result,he managed to avoid passing but he is still at stake right now.
Now that I make sure he might not be getting well,nor might he be up and far as I'm concerned.

Sorry that I went off on a tangent,cause I feel reluctant to metion about my novel more in detail today.

Hope to see you soon,viewers !