Monday, December 25, 2006

A different point of view as to spend Christmas

Hi viewers,
It goes without saying that all the people ring a bell what this winter holidays meant to be, and actually today is the Christmas Eve.
It’s most likely that you young guys hang out and kick up your heels respectively at beautiful landscape.

It is true that it's one way to look at it in a way to spend your Christmas, and I don’t intend to ignore the way most people spend their own, of course.
But imagine just like us middle aged, it gets you nowhere no matter how you spend your Christmas fabulously, like dating with some sweet heart, having luxurious cuisines, spending beautiful times, or whatever.
It’s just a brief space of time when it gets you drive to make your day at Christmas.
After spending a lot more bucks than you are expected out there, it is obvious that you feel it was only a consolation as to skirt around your solitude no matter how it makes you feel happy.
That’s what I’ve learned from the lesson since I had grown up to make my points of view.

When I was younger so much younger than today, Christmas sounded so elegant that I was intrigued a lot more with it, like spending gorgeous hours with my special.
Maybe you’ll find how vacant it was years down the road once you’ve got order, yet you seem oblivious how it sounds like at the moment.
Honestly um.., I don’t want to spend my own time with other stupid jerks around me in the first place. You know it often gets me irrational wherever I bump into those guys, and I feel a sort of remorse for my attitude after all.

Consequently, staying quietly at your place, something like reading books, listening to the music is a lot more substantial, where you can use your own time more constructive in comparison with wasting your time and bucks out there.
Recently I’m kinda net surfer, and actually there are many things to get installed, like You Tube which is known as the free downloaded music video web throughout a world, or whatever.

As you already know, it’s not an unusual thing in a way you browse some music video web and get free downloaded and uploaded sometimes, but it currently draws me a lot nonetheless.., ‘Cause I love music.
There are so many amazing videos or other info that I need to know, and it gets me into it.
As I copied and pasted it to my link, why not check this out and give it a shot sometimes?

Anyway, it’s Christmas time. Get a kick out of your own Christmas, and may your days be merry and be bright,

Ok, guys…I wish you a happy new year!


Monday, December 11, 2006

An Expedition Abroad

Hi viewers,
Recently I’ve been truant because of my overloaded job and house work, and I must admit that I tended to leave it over in regard to posting my updates.
But one fellow, a charming young lady who also had had some mental problems over the past few months fired me up to work on it.
Then I thought there’s no way I could shy away from it, and that’s why I’m here now.

Ok, enough of preliminaries, let’s refer to today’s topic.
Today’s theme goes way back until the late July shortly after I had changed my job.It’s something to do with my then uncle who had died last Aug.
Almost a year passed by, something sprang to my mind … say, my aunt in low.A letter from a certain attorney came to me a few weeks before, saying that I was entitled to take over my uncle’s heritage, since my dad had already died a year before uncle god rest his soul.
It was kind of a mixed blessing when I had got the letter, even had no awareness until the attorney kept me posted.

I surely told her that I would abandon it when my aunt in low gave me a call concerning the problem.
‘Cause I knew aunt’s plight after being lost her husband, and I thought I must have felt quite sorry to her if I took it over as well.
But I was chicken out of saying that I would abandon it to the attorney at the last minute when I met him, because so was I surely strapped for cash, I could barely make ends meet at the moment.

I still had a kind of complexity after I had taken it over without my real ability, yet I couldn’t give up my dream as to mingle with the different society outside Japan.
When I caught a glimpse of a certain newspaper ads letting me know about some info regarding the Internship programs, I was dying to join the seminar at all costs.
The seminar being held in the late Sep really made my day, so I started to wade through a lot of info about my beloved country, namely the US.

Needless to say, today’s US market is one of my major concern, where you could figure out the index of its economy.
But as the figure indicates, the recent US economy is not favorable enough to keep it up with in terms of housing sales, or whatever.
Moreover, it is said that it’s hard enough to measure up the business forecasting ahead of being settled in the future.
In my case, I currently have some U.S dollar though… it doesn't fulfill totally the same amount when you exchange it to JPY.
The exchange rate is now going up and down around the late 116 JPY per USD.
It could be skirted around the losses, which is coming from the fluctuation, if USD goes up to 119 in JPY.
But I think it’s far beyond my expectation when considering recent stagnation in the US.

As long as I read the Nikkei News Report, the survey shows the sluggish economy being conducted out there, it does connect to the recent exchange rate, and it can't be helped as well.
But then again, the interest rate is added up automatically to the total balance, there's nothing wrong with withdrawing the cash in USD out there.
The problem is you know the employment rate, especially in the manufacturing industry is currently on the slight decrease.
What is worse, no matter what you want to do, it should be disadvantageous for us alien when it comes to being hired out there in the first place when taking that of local staff into account.
It’s not an easy task to get a job under such circumstances, even though the purpose is to join the Internship Programs that you cannot earn a penny at all.

“Such sort of vicious circle of recession is surely related to an interest cut, if so, it is no doubt the society will cause inflation”, says one of the chief executives.
Almost anyone may not be able to stop deceleration of its economy as well.
But is there any option you can ward off danger?
What do you say to selling JPY a lot more, like distributing into some retail stores, or wherever?
The notorious investors around the world for example―sounds like a scathing expression―may as well purchase USD, as EUR is skyrocketing since this currency has been introduced. It’s too much at stake here when EU causes inflation as well.

“A temporally dollar drop does the trick to restrain the trade deficits in the US, but an extended depreciation of it may cause harmful effects to those exporting countries, such as Asia, or wherever”, speculates the other experts.

As you know, it is obviously beneficial just for the short visit when USD is getting lower against JPY.It can be said that you've got to take a closer look at its economy or society, let alone language itself, prior to living in the US in a long period.

Well, any ideas?
See you next time!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Pretty Tough Days

Hi viewers,
Sorry...I couldn't get around to work on it for a long period, since I had got involved in a series of trouble one after another.’s just an excuse though, maybe that’ll explain when it comes to describing my own family...say, my mom.
I don’t wanna mention details about how things are going at the moment, because it’s sort of a mental problem, and I know most people feel reluctant to hear of it.

In a nutshell, my mom needs be taken care of mentally, as she’s been a depressive, which seems to be quite strong than I was expected.
I’ve only got mom after I had lost sibling and dad respectively over the past few years.
Actually she’s been very serious... um...the symptoms are mainly visual and auditory hallucination that cannot be imagined for most sound people.
After spending a few days with mom, I ended up calling an ambulance in the morning for immediate need.

It was last Sunday when I tagged along mom to the hospital, but the doc said she was not really bad physically, but needs to be taken care of in no time in a mental hospital for awhile.
Then I went black, but had to take controls as to go over some hospitals for her immediate care. But of course it didn’t go by leaps and bounds. I went through a series of setback, but a certain hospital accepted after I had persuaded doc to allow her to be hospitalized.

A few days passed by, nothing went wrong for the time being, it’s kinda a bit relief to me.
Ok…enough of that.
Talk to you later!


Monday, September 04, 2006

The assessment of Prime Minister Koizumi

Hi viewers,
Today, I'd like to explore the policy of Prime Minister Koizumi during his office, since his term of service is almost expired, due to the coming presidential election.
Ok, let's get into it.

Firstly, Koizumi contributed our society in a certain way, like enacting the postal privatization last year, and made a great success. Maybe we can’t ignore at this point when evaluating Koizumi during his office.

Secondly, what I can bring up is the economic recovery that enabled the bulk of unemployed to get jobs to a certain degree. As the figure indicates, the unemployment rate has been on a decrease these days. It is grateful to us citizens when making a living in this society. I can also evaluate at this point.

However, he was a kind of selfish in his diplomatic strategy, even his tactics seemed to me as deplorable when making much of developed countries. While taking his office, Koizumi visited Korea only twice, whereas he visited the ally, namely the U.S, many times, or other European countries as well.
But he seldom visited other neighboring counties, including ASEAN, and that was a real shame.
There still exists abduct issue in North Korea, or the disputed islands issue, where a certain young fisherman was shot by a Russian guard the other day.

There are a lot more issues, including economic aid toward the third countries which are still down and out because of starvation. They are still up in the air, due to his prejudiced views in terms of his diplomacy.

As for the domestic issue, it is more obvious how he seemed to be notorious in the eyes of some knowledgeable people.
As you know, the Class A criminal has been enshrined together with the war dead since 1978.
But should we really regard it as only a domestic issue?
I don’t think so. It is true that his statement surely rubbed them up the wrong way to Korea and China, when he said he must have been blamed for it, whenever he visits Yasukuni- Shrine and says a prayer.

What’s more, the structural reform which was stated in his speech during the presidential election at the LDP seemed so vague to us citizens, even went by halves completely.

Finally, Koizumi showed a charisma at times when appealing his platform, and it worked very well at first.
According to the public opinion poll, the approval rate was totally more than 85 percent when he was inaugurated in 2001.
But as time went by, it plummeted by 30 percent or so.
Chances are that we ended up with misjudging Koizumi as a leader, because of his complacent tactics. It went completely debacle after all, especially in foreign affairs, no matter how he affected at home and abroad during his office.

So what do you think of it?
Bye for now!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

My greatest experience

Hi viewers,
It’s really grateful to report how I spent my holidays to all of you guys, because you can’t imagine how I felt good and comfortable during this period of times when I had had such great experience which I never know.
In a nutshell, my old school, namely Waseda-jitsugyo won the championship at the high school baseball tournament in Koshien-Stadium the other day which is familiar with the enthusiasts throughout a country.
Not only us graduates but also other baseball fans all around the country kicked up their heels during the games of course, since 2 games were so excited, and I believe they must have gone down in history.

As soon as Waseda-jitsugyo made it to the final when Saito pitched shutout the opposing team, kagoshima-kogyo, by 5-0, I left home and headed out for Osaka as to root for my old school.
When I got to Osaka, I was looking for some business hotel to make a reservation for staying, however almost all the hotels were fully booked due to the final baseball tournament. So I ended up with wondering around from place to place for about 2 hours, finally I was able to check in the sauna, where bedrooms were available at the place.

Next day, I got up before 5, and was heading the Koshien-Stadium to purchase a ticket.
As you know, you’ve got to line up for several hours whenever you watch the final game since it gets so crowded, and of course, I’ve got to wait for 3 hours before the tickets were sold.
Then I entered in and got a seat successfully, but it was still 4 hours left before the game.
My skin got sunburned, even worse, my face looked so ugly… you know, ‘Cause I didn’t protect anything at all for my skin, whereas the temps showed around mid 90s in Fahrenheit which is equivalent to 35 degrees in Centigrade with the high humidity.
I’ve got to keep hydrated all the way until the game is all over.

As for the game, it was far beyond my expectation, because both teams, namely Sojitsu and komadai-Tomakomai played excellent games.
Moreover, it was breathtaking when both pitchers allowed base loaded in the same 11 innings, respectively.

Still, both Saito and Tanaka showed excellent performances and didn’t allow the additional scores, whereas it was not very surprising that both teams could possibly get a chance to win at any time when the situation looked so oppressive.
Neither Saito nor Tanaka gave up until the last minute. After all, the first game ended in a draw, and both teams were forced to play another game the very next day.

The second game which was the very last seemed rather predominant to Waseda-jitsugyo, because our players did quite an excellent job in the early innings.
Besides Saito showed a great performance in his pitch and made a lot of strike-out as well.
Furthermore, each fielder, especially the shortstop, Goto, and the left fielder, Funabashi did a great fielding all the way, so the opposing team had to struggle, whereas they had made some single hits from time to time.
At the very last inning, Saito allowed the second homeruns from Nakazawa, the third batter, everybody went black, even felt a sort of anxiety that our team might be captured. All of us had to rely on Saito’s great pitch of course, and he met our expectation fully.
Saito himself seemed rather self-possessed no matter how he had spent hard times with the series of ordeal, bounced back in no time, finally made a very last strike out from Tanaka, the pitcher, and we’ve got it made!
Sojitsu won the championship for the first time in the summer’s game ever since the baseball team had been established in the early Taisho-era.
The last game made my day to a full extent, and I can’t forget this feeling, even though the times go by.

Thank you all!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to explore the polarization between haves and have-nots?

Hi viewers,
Recently, I’m successively joining a certain activity where I can get things off my chest fully. What’s more, it fulfills my desire to learn something new, of course.
It’s an English club which is popular among enthusiasts, consisted of Japanese only.
I’ve once heard there used to be some native speakers around, those who attempted to mingle with in the past, but somehow they vanished in the haze within a short period of time, and it sounds a real shame to us non native.

Ok, let’s get into today’s theme.
Today, I’d like to explore something that is too much at stake here considering the current problems globally. Which is, haves and have-nots…in other words, you can also say like the polarization between rich and poor.
I think it’s a big theme, also we held a discussion concerning the topic at the club shown above yesterday, but it was still up in the air, during the session, since it was quite a big theme. Actually I didn’t expect too much about whether to reach any conclusion or not regarding the topic. Some participants were so motivated that it seemed to be today’s movers and shakers as long as I heard about their strong opinion, while others were a bit apathetic toward such kinds of complex issue. Although it didn’t reach any consensus unanimously at all, it was basically a heated discussion.
The reason why I brought up this kind of topic was a little more than a ploy to let some youngsters draw attention to that stuff, where they can not only expand their imagination, but able to foray into social realms, and same thing applies to me as well all the way.

From my view of solving this kind of stuff is…in short, you know how to inspire younger generations to exercise vote.
As you know, it’s a notable thing that less than half of voters those ages are in their 20s exercise votes on a referendum, every time. But it’s peculiar to this country, and doesn’t seem to apply to any other countries at all. So why is that? I think the main problem is that they attribute their apathy toward politics to the lack of performances conducted by law makers, or government officials. Such as political maneuvering, or the ensuing corruption that seems nothing out of the ordinary makes especially youngsters feel down and out, so that they try to hide away from it.

Given that the aging society has coming out at a break neck speed, young people’s indifference toward politics is nothing but crucial. To make maters worse, the bulk of Japanese office workers are care free, whereas the oil prices have been skyrocketed over the past few decades, even worse, our paychecks…I mean the salaries are likely to be plummeted due to an increasingly high deduction costs, including income tax, or anything else.
It is obvious that the bulk of citizens feel despairing more or less, and some people may attempt to flee from the state in order to set them free, sooner or later.

Well it seems I went off on a tangent for awhile.
Ok, let’s get back to the table. I think it enables you to become riches to a certain degree when you try to make endeavors no matter how you were ill fated, even how your academic background were so scarce.
But is it enough to stop a gap between haves and have-nots?
When all is said and done, it is extremely difficult to figure out the problem concerning the polarization between them. So better we try to attempt the get rich quick schemes, like investing stocks, or winning a lottery?

Ok, gotta run!


Monday, July 17, 2006

A polite way of speaking

Hi viewers,
Right after I had posted my last updates, I managed to get a decent job.
Every time I take job training at the moment, it will last until the end of September. It’s far beyond my expectation as well.
Of course, I need to acquire some expert skills before run. What makes me most difficult is, how to use polite language accurately, even though Japanese is my native tongue.
When you talk with your friends, maybe you don’t take much care about the accuracy of language, but when it comes to speaking in public, especially when you talk with your customers, you can’t get away from the accurate terms.

On one hand, it is often said that communicating allows you to know each other, able to sympathize what other people discussing.
On the other hand, it often gets you into troubles unless you clarify your points, or heed someone’s voice at times during the formal conversations.
When you attend the social gatherings, you’ve got to be more tolerant than speaking in private of course. Also your language should be far more coherent all the times, no matter how it got you frustrated, even some disparaging comments were showered upon you from your opponents.

What makes me struggle so far is, I can’t get the hang of using the polite way of speaking while at work, because I seldom paid much attention to my then customers who were likely to go insolvency. I had to urge them to pay their debts immediately as well.
I regarded those customers as untrustworthy, so sometimes my utterance might sound so harsh to them, that they couldn’t catch up with.

As of today, I made up my mind to change my thoughts.
In order to put it more specific, I show my episode down below;

A few days ago, I met some of my then coworkers to reminisce about old times. But I ended up with discouraging in a certain way, due to their menial topics while having a chat with.
Take my friend’s case, for instance.

He is actually talkative, even eloquent enough to argue when casting his views to other parties involved. Yet it was unfortunate to know that he still contented with his current status, no matter how I encouraged him to foray into interacting non residents, namely Caucasians.
I know it’s far beyond his thoughts when he tries to be a reconnaissance while taking into further steps to it, no matter how he is extrovert enough to interact with.

What I’d like to explore from showing above is, interacting people living in a different culture, or society definitely allows you to broaden your thoughts. It helps discover a formal way of speaking by doing language exchange as well.
Sticking to your current status is of course one way to look at it, and I don’t intend to ignore the way people doing that kind of things.
But how come you obstinately shut your door especially to non Japanese from which you can learn a lot more?
In order to achieve this goal, I’ll occasionally try to head out for social gatherings to get acquainted with. After all, it enables me to activate myself for sure, where I can acquire some polite way of speaking as well which is quite apart from what I used to be.

Ok, catch you later!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Honesty is the best you agree?

Hi viewers,
As Billy Joel sang back in 1980s, honesty is such a lonely word, I found that it was almost applicable to my circumstances such as having job interviews which were quite a lot recently.

Actually, um…I’m looking for a new job at the moment, after becoming jobless, and am forced to spend hard times, because of many tricky questions showers upon me from interviewers. Also those questions are so unrelenting which is pretty hard to get by as well. They turn out to be completely fiasco after all.

I of course tend to play the game whenever I am asked, but somehow it leads to misunderstand, finally they judge me as an unwanted person.

I discovered that being honest is not always good enough, sometimes playing the devil’s advocate really fits in to pass such job interviews.
I wonder if I pulled some strings, and of course it’s pretty much easier to come by.

But then again, honesty is my best policy…it’s really hard to change my thoughts. I know I’m kind of clumsy, but I need to be dishonest sometimes, in terms of getting a good job. In this society, I don’t agree with the term being said like honest is the best policy, maybe you should take advantage of being unusual from what you are.

To the contrary, such corruptions like embezzlement conducted by low makers or government officials can relate to the fact that they are voraciously honest enough to become riches.
But they are totally dishonest in terms of what the true politics are. As you know, they tend to be honest all the while, but it’s little more than a ploy to attract more people by casting their goodness in the guise of sobriety.

So which is your better bet, honesty or dishonesty?
Ok, talk to you later!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's just an absurdity...what do you think?

Hi viewers,
To be honest...given my current unstable condition, I found myself in a quandary over whether to do whatever work is necessary to expedite my job hunting, or to seek a decent job as to settle in for the better future. All I can say know I'll keep up with learning English or anything else, like Thai as my second and third language, even the worst comes to worst, and no matter how the situation changes, with the exemption of my sudden passing, I'm sure my determination shall not waver so easily.

Is it absurd of me to think that I'm not a daydreamer, only cheesed of remaining at the same place, just like seeking political asylum in some other nations...? Well, it's just a joke. Yet I believe whether my thoughts are hackneyed, or they are not figments of my imagination at all, even some people might be flabbergasted at them.

Oh…by the way, the English proficiency test what I was supposed to take was taken place last Sunday, and it turned out be completely debacle due to my lack of capability to succeed it.
It is said that a threshold of succeeding the test denotes at least 10,000 words and idioms, and it should be prerequisite as well when you go outside the country and wade through a lot of information and do whatever you want to, including business and so on.
Still, it sounds to me a formidable task being measured up to that level, whereas I’ll try to gear my ass and cram a lot of words, whenever I come off duty.

As for the job, well I’m kind of optimistic, so eventually I believe it gets me somewhere.
But then again, to me, it’s little more than a ploy to turn things around, and of course you’ve got to walk before run. I should think twice as to rally my circumstances as well, in order not to fall for their silly schemes, like some of the remainders of my current work place dissuade me from leaving. As it turned out, I cannot work on 2 things simultaneously after all. Only what I can do is something more dominant that lies right in front of me, so I’ll try to hit the books once again from scratch until at the last minute before starting anything else.

Ok, talk to you later.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

A job interview

Hi viewers,
Here's a scenario of what I'm supposed to take as a job interview.

I (Interviewer): So could you briefly describe your job careers after graduating school?

T(Take393) : I was joining a trading company for 10 years, where I was doing sales for 6 years. I was a person in charge of electronic appliances such as phone, fax, or computer, at the same time I was responsible for making business documents such as estimate or proposal.
Then I was transferred to merchandise department, where I engaged in ordering some commodities from the manufacturing companies, and I was responsible for managing some of its stocks as well.

I: What made you leave that company?

T: My then boss suddenly asked me to go to Sapporo branch for awhile, however it seemed nearly impossible to accept the offer for family reason.
I had to turn it down and ended up with leaving the office.

I: Then you joined the Airport Limousine service at Tokyo International Airport, so what were you doing there?

T: I was doing all kinds of stuff, like making departing announcement to each passenger for boarding, taking care of their baggage, often taking them to the vending machine or the counter for purchasing tickets.

I: So why did you quit it?

T: One thing is… you know it was really tough physically and mentally in terms of working over night, I mean 24 hours of working. As the bus terminal was just right down the airport, I was pretty hectic all the while even I had to sacrifice my holidays at times for my job. Of course our service is opening throughout the year, as long as the air flight has not been cancelled.
The other thing is, well I really wanted to brush up more on my English as to jump into another pond. I was also seeking daytime jobs to make up for studying on weekends.

I: I see. So you are currently working…um…what would you say…MTK Co Ltd, and you are about to leave that firm as well?


I: So what have you been doing out there?

T:I’ve been working as a debt collector for about 3 years. At the time when I was joining the firm in 2003, there were quite a few of foreign customers, and we had a claim with their debts concerning the payment for their cell phones. My main job is to persuade those customers to pay their debts immediately. I was fortunate to know my English was useful in a certain way, because a lot of foreigners were having troubles with conducting Japanese.
But later on, after our Sapporo branch launching the next year, our obligation was taken over to it, so right after that I could seldom conduct English on the daily basis, and that was a real shame to me as well.
Also a year passed by, one group company where I was primarily belonging to as a temporary staff dissolved, and then I was reemployed from MTK Co. Ltd as a part timer, where I am currently working for a year or so.
But the company doesn’t seem to go well, because it is likely to downsize its scale by firing a few workers. It seems really hard to stick up for it any further. That probably explains it.

I: Thank you Mr. Take393. As you know…I’m very sorry to say in the first place, but I can’t offer you a teaching job at the moment.
So I wonder if you could count this in as well, right after you had heard the detailed explanation about a new kind of things.

T: Well…as long as I heard about a new job, I can honestly say that I’m so much intrigued with it. Actually I was originally seeking a job as a teacher, but I found that intercultural communication is always necessary whatever you start up new things, and your company is currently pursuing being a cutting edge of intercultural communication, and it’s a skill of what we need on the bottom line, I think.

I: So what is your goal for the future?

T: My dream is eventually you know…immersing myself in an environment where English is only available, where I can mingle with the local people and I can show them my language and culture, after familiarizing with my teaching skill here in Japan.

I: Well, Take393, thank you very much for coming here today, and I wish you a good luck.

T: I thank you very much for having me here.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

How you could get the hang of pronunciation?

This is translated version being originally written in Japanese.

Hi viewers,
Today, I’d like to refer to the English pronunciation.

It is one of the main problems that the bulk of Japanese are having troubles with, isn’t it?
Have you had any experiences with your bad pronunciation made foreigners feel awkward, whereas you had learned a lot of English words?
People around me are apt to think the way I pronounce English words is like those of native’s, since I was luckily enough to stay in the U.S.
In fact, it might be much closer to them―as long as comparing with other Japanese―still I can hardly say it is impeccable enough to conduct. Yet from the past to the present, there is a main reason why I focus too much on that.
Although it may sounds weird to you guys, the reason is very simple.

Before that, please allow me to go off on a tangent for awhile.
At the time when I was staying New York, so called Young Culture represented the movie, Grease, Disco Music―now that what we called The Club Music―, The Beatles who had already broken up was renowned throughout a whole world, or The Rolling Stones, who is well known as the biggest group still on active list supported by the widely ranged audiences.
It was the time when the computer games were still not put on the block. Juveniles were flocking to the record stores, where they could kick up their heels respectively.
I was not exempted. I would purchase the bunch of The Beatle’s LP, even single records, often listened to them, as well as the succeeding group The Wings, until my record player had been seriously damaged. Although I was listening to them millions of times, trying to copy the way they were singing, at the same time I was looking at each lyrics, somehow I found that I wasn’t able to adjust to the original. I was always behind their rhythms at least one tempo. For me as a perfectionist, it came to me as a shock when I wasn’t able to sing smoothly.

After I came back to Japan, I primarily listened to English songs. In the early 1980s, The American Pop Music featured the leading figure’s songs, like those from Lionel Ritchie’s, Billy Joel’s, and Stevie Wonder’s.
They were available at the countdown programs on TV’s or Radio’s and I often imitated their way of singing as well whenever I dubbed the tapes from the borrowed albums.

There comes a time when I can sing English songs naturally. I assume that it took me much length of times which is almost equivalent to those the newly born is becoming grownups.

You can acquire pronunciation by singing songs as well as you can portray your emotion in your comprehension of those lyrics by building up your own vocabularies.
As it is my way of learning English, there might be controversial, whether my proposal could be for it, or against it.
Conducting the authentic English always requires the accurate phone, thereby you can say in a way, it was not in vain to me at all, even though how much times I had spent in practicing the pronunciation.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

How to secure a better job?

Hi, viewers!
Recently, I've had it up to here with my current job. Despite I've been working for about 3 years, neither brings me benefits, nor have I got any stipend over the years at all, which I deserve to be remunerated.
What’s more, sticking up for the job further gets me nowhere, because the current task is completely irrelevant to the goal what I’m pursuing at the moment.
I’ve found that I’m just toying with my time. Yet time flies like an arrow so I cannot procrastinate that much.
The bulk of times I spend with my work, but I don’t think it is compatible with studying for the coming test that takes measures of the current English proficiency.

Some people including me believe a few dissent firms or language schools still open their doors to those who have measured up to over 850 in TOEIC, or the 1st level of Step Test, which catch on English learners in Japan nationwide.
In fact, those kinds of test ensure a certain job security even you get order, that’s why it draws test takers an often lot.
Privileges are you can gauge where you are, at the same time able to grasp your week points as well.
To the contrary, however it’s quite deplorable when you take a look at your work place, where you can see people who are almost indifferent to seeing the different world, like learning new things.
There used to be some efficient workers around those whom could be looked up to, but in hindsight, they had found it was silly enough to playing the games. It was not long before they vanished in the haze.
What if us remainder, who are in hands of incapable managements?
Some are still safe, because those are playing the devil's advocate, or pretending to be apple polishers. They would be the last people who are kicked out of it.

Our firm is likely to reverse the trend as if it were back in 1970s or 80s, whereas others are in the middle of globalization.
Take the Matsushita electronics groups, for instance.
Currently there are so many versatile staffs both at home and abroad, the firm is thriving even more rapidly ever than before due to its cutting edge of international communication.
They’re now focusing Chinese as their second foreign language, because Chinese market is now growing at a breakneck speed over a decade.
“Being yourself bilingual at your work place is no longer scarcity value these days. Thus we implemented Chinese on our job training, because we currently targeting out there. China has more”, says one of the chief executives.

Given that you were already knowledgeable, at the same time able to conduct 3 languages in the business world, it’s no doubt you are amazingly valuable wherever you go. Your co-workers may be astonished your competence, even may hide a shamelessly covetous look in their eyes. So if you are having troubles with your current circumstances, don’t linger, stay away from it.
Were it not for a certain security at your work place, how come you stick to it?
Come on, get away and see the different world.
It’s not too late to get started. With your passion, enthusiasm, and your slight courageousness to knock the door are sure enough to change your life.
Ok, talk to you later.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

To whom it may concern

The following story is my harsh ctiticism about a certain message board concerning local tests in Japan;

≫Hi viewers!
So sorry for getting back to you late, but I didn’t mean to shy away from it.
The main reason why I’ve been stranded for updating is, you know I’ve had it up to here with cleaning up the mess, see what I mean?

Unlike your earnest postings, there are so many disturbing messages around that I feel reluctant to write about something of my own these days.
Besides it is no use getting actively involved discussing over trivial matters like the personal realms and stuff.
What is worse, some stupid jerks are still out here. They become obsessed with discouraging us sincere people by smearing all the while. I realized that there was no need to stick around of it any further.
Once his or her hidden motive has shown up as if they were that of zombie's, rampaging through all the way, and it’s actually pain in the neck to us as well. Before long they’ll go up in smoke, then it goes on and on and on, as you know.

The only way you could skirt around is, try not to be a sitting duck, so that you could avoid it.
No other options for your learning?
I don’t think so. Why do you so adhere to your conventional ideas that you follow their advices which seem definitely in the guise of their camaraderie?
Like it or not, I’m sure you would go through ups and downs even further as long as you keep posting here.

I hear you have some foreign friends around you, so why not make use of them to full extent instead for your better understand?
Don’t you think it’s audacious that some Japanese who are still in the phase of some learning curves trying to correct your sentence structure? Even better, their making structures are too incapable to be vouched for in the eyes of native speakers. Still, are you willing to stick up for it?
≪You are the last one who make me feel disappointed≫ is anyone’s guess. That’s what the virtual reality is. Try not to count too much on that. There’s nothing but living in the real world is certain, where you can see each other face to face.
Ok, enough of that. Talk to you later!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Don't you think it's difficult?

Hi viewers,
It is said that conducting English precisely in both speaking and writing is always challenging to us non-native speakers.I guess it's almost impossible to acquire flawless English, no matter how you became advanced, or near native level.
Whereas you're brushing up on it almost everyday, like doing your own reading practice, writing, listening, or whatever, you'll find that it's still a long way to go to your destinations.
So why is that?

What I can bring up is one thing. It's typical, as you know.
Imagine that you are a student taking some English class. Also you're now reading a textbook in the classroom. Shortly after that, a teacher will probably try to explain the contents of it in Japanese all the way. Don't you feel that kind of situation is really boring and monotonous as can be? How come would it be possible to improve your new language in such a conventional way? Don't you think it's really weird to stick around and see how your practice goes over a decade?

Given that you were living in overseas, maybe such a problem could be worked out in no time. What's more, you would be surprised to hear some excellent English among pre-grade students elsewhere outside the country, even you wander around from place to place while you are visiting for a short period.
What I can surely say is, the bulk of English learners here in Japan are self-educated, with the exemption of those who had ever studied abroad for at least a couple of years or so.
Judging from all this, there's no way you should feel obliged to write English structures correctly, since you hadn't well enough to be trained over the past years.

To the contrary, however it's pretty as an amazing even the pre-grade students living abroad talk to each other both in English and in their national language simultaneously, like English and Cantonese, for instance.I think the education with bountiful programs in their early ages is the key to the success as to become bilingual. It helps expand your vocabularies pretty much easier in the smaller class than the bigger one.
It is unfortunate to know that our classes in Japan are flooded with students when considering what the appropriate language education should be. It should be downsized in its figures like those of the U.S, or some European nations.
It's really hard to take off the ground for your better practice after graduating an university, and joining a company. It's really hard nut crack to solve the problem such as expressing your ideas correctly on the spot.
So what are your ideas?
Well, see ya!


Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year's resolution

A Happy New Year!
Today I'd like to address my new year's resolution.
As you know, I'm from Japan, and I've been learning English as my second language. I have one goal in phase of learning English.
The first and most important is to meet a lot of foreigners from all over the world. The goal is not only for brushing up on my English on the daily basis, but for articulating my thoughts about social topics in order to exchange fully. I'm also interested in learning new things, like your curtural or historical aspects in your daily lives. Also I can help you out with your new language if you are eager to study Japanese.

However, there is a problem. Recently I've found that I'm still blind about formal expressions in English. Sometimes I speak English with fluency, but I feel I might have offended some people due to my improper language. I think I might make them feel annoying from time to time, as I was using rude language unconsciously.
In fact, using a new language properly is always challenging, as you know. What's more, our national and cultural backgrounds are different, so it's not an easy task to know each other for better understand.

In order to achieve this aim, I set up a new plan this year. I bought a book that describes specifically about making speeches in public. Needless to say, I'm not a politician, nor am I a government official. But speaking in formal is indispensable these days, if you'd like to offer new comers to Japan with generous welcome. Your language and behavior should be with the utmost discretion whenever you meet foreigners.
With this in mind, I started learning speeches by listening to native speaker's recordings. By the end of this year, I'll make a friend in order to communicate sheer English, both on the daily basis and in specialized matters.
Thank you