Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas & wishing U all have A HAPPY2012^^

Hi, it's been a long time & how have you been viewers?
Indeed, 2 days earlier before the real Christmas (12/25), but I dare say Merry Christmas!

I thought I do want to update my blog by all means, sorry, I know it is seemingly farfetched LOL

When I look back 2011, I think it was really a drastic year in a certain way!
Although many things happened to me personally, what I wanted to say the first & foremost is the event that took place internal and external!

The huge calamity which stroke us in Mar as well as the problem of Fukushima Power Plant, the thing that the number of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families had already reached 2.05 millions, or US Dollar dropped below the level of 76 Japanese Yen…

In overseas, Osama bin Laden, Gaddafi were killed, Kim Jong-il died of sickness…   
An economic collapse of Greece has spread onto Spain, Portugal or Italy, and Euro itself is now in jeopardy of disruption. Or the flood of Bangkok Thailand...innumerable things happened this year (-_-)

Whereas 3 years had already passed since the world has been in utter Chaos after the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers took place in autumn 2008, yet the perspective of recovery in a whole world still remains to be seen (-_-)

As 2012 is coming right up ahead, I sincerely wish all countries including Japan do make endeavors one another & try to make it better. Moreover, I do hope Terrorism & War would be eradicated!

Okay everyone! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear daddy!

Dear my dad,
Today is your birthday, you turned to 77 if you were alive...As you know, 77 has a special meaning in our society, which is derived from Chinese characters, namely “寿” and 77 could also be written as “七十七” in Kanji as well. Both “寿” & “七十七” are just alike.

And also what I must not forget is today is the 48 th anniversary of your wedding ―  on the same day in 1963, you and mom got married. At that time, you were 29 and my mom was guys were supposedly a very young & nice couples...hehehe^^

And the next year...I was born... I know you loved me an awful lot at least before sis MARIKO (1971-2002) was born. And you said I was so cute when I was a little

In my school days, you've beaten up against me and played a role of stern father, while you played a role of gentle dad to my sis. It is just because I was a boy and sis was a girl. You've never beaten up against her...I was always the “victim”, it's just a sarcasm, dad...sorry yah^^

But on the other hand, you showed me gentleness from time to time as I've introduced on the previous post.

Dad, I always feel sorry, coz I'm the one that made my mom feel sick. She's now in hospitalization quite a long time as I've reported at your cemetery in the end of May...

I'm now working harder than ever to retrieve things back on course. In the meantime, I see mom periodically, but she is not satisfied at all. Rather she feel isolated all the time, but she doesn't say she wants to come home as she used to. It seems she's giving up her life, it's all my fault, I'm the one to be blamed for.

After sis MARIKO passed away, I had to be saddled with everything I was involved including mom's issue. But don't get me wrong dad! I don't intend to make complaints, rather I feel I have to make up for everything that I had done to you & your wife TOMOKO...

Okay I'll turn over a new leaf just as you had told me at the last minute God rest your soul, dad!

And thank you so much for letting me remember your birthday & recalling the blissful times we had spent in the United States! It is thankful that you're always watching us affectionately from the heaven...

ARIGATOU OTOSAN (ありがとう、おとうさん)

In the Health & Sports Day,
Your son,



Sunday, September 11, 2011

A decade passed after the nightmare...

Today is the day to mourn over the deceased who had unfortunately lost their lives by the plain crash schemed by Al-Qaeda, and precisely 10 years have already passed since then. Casualties are nearly 3,000 people including us Japanese Citizens who were working at the world trade center in Manhattan New York City.

I still remember the first footage jumped into my eyes while watching the suspense drama at around 9 o'clock in the evening in my time, but couldn't believe at first. But soon I was aware of the fact that the fire flame covered up the building as well as the twin towers were getting collapsed, and the people screamed at it. The footage was abruptly changed from the drama I was watching to the scene what was happening in NYC. It was like a trick shooting, and was hard to believe this is reality, maybe the bulk of people must have felt the same since it was so horrible, I assume.


They were out of shape and could no longer be as they were after the terrorist attacks, but I hear the citizens soon stood up and tried to make tenacious effort to restore the site of these demolished buildings so called Ground Zero.

As you already know, Iraq war has begun shortly after that under the name of eradication, and many Americans were dispatched to the scene and maybe the war dead is innumerable.
After Osama bin Laden who was believed to be the mastermind of this terrorist attacks was killed, the sporadic retaliation occurred is the well-known fact.

Today, there would be the memorial service in both Washington DC & NYC, and I hear both Mr. Obama and George will attend the ceremony in NY.

We all know it is hard nut crack to solve it, I mean to eradicate the terrorism completely from the earth, but it could also be said this long battle does hamper to expedite the economic recovery in the US and the world as well. Provided that huge military budget were cut down to some extent, the US government could have allocated some more budget to employment measures, social welfare or whatever to help out poor and the needy. Well, it's just my two cents and it may only be scratching the surface about the problem.

What I want to say first and foremost is US leaders need to pledge during this ceremony that they will never wage war any further and will cease war and withdraw the army those who are dispatched into both Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. They must turn their eyes into its weakening economy in stead for the sake of nation's peace and stability.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes, you can!

Well, about a year ago, I updated the following blog.

Indeed, I was almost given up my life at that time, and I did know I was at loose ends. But I was so depressed and felt reluctant to do what I’ve got to do, also I was too under the weather to get myself back on track. Only I felt down and out and was trying to get away from everything I was involved in!
This maybe the truth, and I justified myself that I just cannot afford it, just because I have a handicapped mom, but later I’ve found I was totally wrong.   

So I've made a New Year's resolution to change for the better as you may know, and tried to move forward. Also I feel much better compared with the last couple of years, and it did spur on me to change for the better.
I've been to the job placement office to look for a job for instance as to expedite it, which I haven’t done for the last 2 years. But of course, it wasn’t an easy task to get a job. It is because I’m already in my late 40s, and to make matters worse, continuous recession here in Japan got me completely stranded at the sight.   

I also took advantage of another job center and have met with a professional job counselor several times as to consult my expecting job.

To say nothing of, there was a huge disaster so called “Mar 11” in the course of my job search, and the calamity got me disoriented again. I had to suspend my job hunting for awhile due to the aftermath of the calamity including millions of aftershocks as you already know…

But some miraculous incident such as 16 year old boy and 80 year old woman who were rescued for the first time in 11 days since the disaster took place or whatever really moved me more or less. Or the tenacious effort of our fellows such as SDF or whoever tries to make endeavors just for the restoration of this country did inspire me, and cheered me up again and again!
As a result, I felt more and more inclined to expedite my job hunting, and I stood up once again for the sake of rebuilding this country after the massive loss as well as my passion to contribute in our society me as a man. 

And finally, I secured a decent job after many twists and turns I went through, and I dare say I had risen from the dead…

Today, I went to my dad’s cemetery, and reported back to him everything I was saddled with. And I’m sure he was pleased to hear my good news!

And also I would like to say thank you so much all for your kindly support all the way! 
I can start over my life and I’m really happy that you always count me in as one of your good friends^^

I’ll make a fresh start as of tomorrow, and retrieve everything what I have left behind.
Indeed, I really feel a lot more confident at this time around! Yes, you (I) can!
Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu! (I thank you so much as always!) 

Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day

To all of sisters around the world, also to my beloved mom and my then younger sister Mariko (1971-2002), I'll send congratulations for this special day !

To be honest ... me as man, I didn't make much of it as women do before my sister passes and my mom gets sick. But as time goes by, it has become a different meaning to me, especially mom and I have left apart, and I have stayed home just alone.

Also to my beloved sister Mariko, who turns out to be 40 if she were alive, I'll send both of you guys a lovely flower as a token of my gratitude being a part of my family !

Thank you so much and A Happy Mother's Day to you both !

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Make yourself at home !

Already May came in, and we are spending Golden Week nationwide here in Japan. About Golden Week, you can also check Holidays of Japan, where you can discover more a lot. 

As you know, I usually mention social realms here on my introduction. However I cannot come up with any other topics except our devastation though I have already referred to it dozens of times over a couple of months.
Today let me just take you to the beautiful photo tour that makes you captivate and feel more relaxed for sure.
I listed up top 10 beautiful photos on my own judgment among all, which are in my Facebook photo albums.

Most of these photos were taken in my neighborhood. Even Cherry Flowers went all the way up to north, there still a bunch of beautiful flowers as you see in the picture. 

For details, visit where you can find further information about each photo. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

As for the given topic, I have previously mentioned how it is like on one of my blog archives, and here is a link.

And here are my photos of Sakura from Picasa Web Album to help you understand and expand your imagination for those who have yet to seen this tremendously beautiful landscape.
Hope you enjoy it to your heart content.

Monday, April 11, 2011

One month passed after catastrophe occurred...

So precisely a month passed after huge Earthquake and Tsunami occurred. It was Mar 11, and today is Apr 11.
During this period of times, we had to face onto a series of ordeals, for example, the scheduled power outage, lack of distribution (food & water supply) or lack of fuel, or lack of medical supply.
And all mass transits were completely disrupted and got us stranded at the sight.

Also there was an ensuing explosion of hydrogen in each reactor (No1 through No4 respectively) at Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant...And the function of cooling the nuclear fuel has ruined, where the contaminated water leaked out onto the ocean. Moreover, high concentration of radioactive substances was detected in contaminated water, and some staff working at the power plant were exposed to radiation and were taken to the hospital to take medication. Luckily they were quite alright and were able to check out in a few days after hospitalization. And also some expert says the amount of diffusion of radiations far more exceeds that of Three Mile Island accident in 1979, or even exceeds the amount of Chernobyl disaster in 1986, the damage of Fukushima is the worst, says he.

It is ashamed of saying that I'm not well-informed about this issue, not speculative, not discerning at all about the mechanism of this vicious circle of the crippled power plant. But at least what I could surely say is contamination is still continuing even at a break-neck speed, no matter how tenaciously our suppliers work on it to hold back against its diffusion around the clock..

Far from that, what made us stagger was the government and the supplier kept telling us everything is OK and not to worry. But as expansion of damage caused from the power plant came into light, gradually they had to spill the beans that they were totally mistaken. What was conspicuous is some radioactive substances were detected from a certain filtration plant in the residential districts of Tokyo. And the government and the supplier told us not to let under 1 year old baby drink tap water. The ensuing panic occurred right after news was televised, and the government couldn't help but admit the amount of exposure of radiation was too immense at the press conference.

The news spread throughout a whole world right off the bat, and the worst came to worst.
Which is, high concentration of the radioactive substance was detected at some harvested vegetables.
The government ordered some farmers who are involved in to stop shipping, and this drove one farmer, 64, into a corner, and got him committed suicide.

Furthermore, not only neighboring countries (like South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore...etc) but also EU nations, North & South America, and Oceania sensitively waded thorough a lot of info concerning the issue, and have begun to regulate or to ban importing crops from Japan.
A few days ago, India has announced that they will ban all commodities from Japan over the next 3 months, and it does surely influence to our gross domestic product (GDP) to a large extent, it does shrink our economy as well which relies on foreign consumptions.

Above all, our concerns are there are still a lot of people who are missing near the stricken area, which is up to 14,000 people or more.
Casualties are still increasing. Currently, more than 13,000 people had already lost their lives during these periods. There are still over 150,000 evacuees in nearly 1,800 shelters nationwide. Many houses washed away or subsided because of huge tsunami, and the temporary housings are under construction at the moment though it takes months to be accomplished.
Food, water, and medical supply is still not enough, and many people live near the epicenter lost their jobs or companies themselves, and are forced to restore their living from scratch.

Yesterday there was the 17th unified regional election here in Japan, and Shintaro Ishihara the incumbent governor of Tokyo, was reelected. And the 4th terms of his taking office has just taken off the ground.

He said at the press conference that we citizens must restraint greediness or egoism and we need to be frugal with money. It is obvious that our egoism put this nation in jeopardy. He also mentioned what the most fruitless is the Pachinko Parlors and the more than enough of vending machines. If those are petered out soon, we can save nearly 10 million kW of power which is equivalent to the amount of Fukushima power plant, says he.

Yes, I agree with his point, but didn't vote for him yesterday. It is just because he is already 78, and it is uncertain whether he could serve out his term or not. He may kick the bucket before that by any chance. And 78 year old man tends to be obstinate and conservative on the whole. And yet he was reelected, because of evaluation of 12 years of his careers served as a governor of Tokyo. And we must admit it is indisputable fact like it or not. And we all know Japan is spending hard times and we need to restore it no matter what.

Come to think of it, my then dad (1934-2004) told me before passing that he delivered a speech in one of my cousin's wedding ceremony, saying that he quoted one of the famous speech of then US president John F Kennedy;

Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

Needless to say, it is a very profound wise saying. It is often cited in many scenes in our society, for example like CEO's speech at some joining ceremonies, even more than a half of century passed by from the Inauguration Day of Kennedy's.

It seemed Ishihara's speech implied what then US president showed us. Indeed I've found this at every turn at the press conference.
I must admit we are inclined to pass the buck to our government once unexpected things have occurred, maybe it's true. And of course, it is their duty to make tenacious effort to get things back on course, especially when the imminent danger is likely to happen, of course.

But also we have got to think of what we can do for now. It has to be a long long battle, I assume. How long will it take to be in the chips is anyone's guess, but I'll try in my utmost.
Well, thank you all the viewers who are kindly enough to share the topics.




Monday, March 14, 2011

The aftermath of natural disaster

Almost 3 days passed after the incident occurred, seems there're no signs of reconstruction. Still the society is thrown into confusion. Some mass transit is disrupted (no operations in some lines), so cannot go anywhere.
Still Tsunami is likely to be generated at any time. Aftershock of the earthquake occurred hundreds of times so far...and there also was an explosion at another power plant in Fukushima. Residents are now in uproar and are asked to evacuate nearby.

About blackout, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that they will implement for about 3 hours respectively by separating into 5 groups. Mine is supposed to be 16:50-19:50 today. During this period, any electronic devices cannot be used. Just wait and see how it goes for awhile.
There still remains to be seen as of tomorrow.

In many convenience stores or supermarkets, many commodities were already sold out as if they were looted, so it's not easy to come by food and drinks if contingency still continues.

We feel like as if we were back in 1940S, where the World War Ⅱ is taken place, it's not too exaggerated at all!
It is obvious that a threatening disaster hampers social activities to a large extent. And there might be another influx of people who are flocking to the refuge here and there, and the casualties are piled up once contingency has happened any time.

Still aftershock happens occasionally, so you cannot be too careful around it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive natural disaster hits all across the country!

Already 24 hours passed after the incident, but the aftermath of this natural disaster seems unlikely to cease completely.
Some mass transit is still disrupted, so still a lots of commuters left behind and they can't go home and got to evacuate for I'm pretty much luckier!

Yesterday at 2:46 PM in local time...the incident was occurred off the coast of Miyagi prefecture (Northern East Japan), which is around 400km away from Tokyo.
But Tokyo was also jolted an awful lot.

At that time, I was attending some seminar regarding my expecting job. And we were all stunned and stranded at the sight for hours.
Still the aftermath of the disaster seems unlikely to stop in no time, and now it continues...

Many areas in Tohoku (Northern East Japan) region became ruined like ghost towns and stuff. Many people and houses washed away being hit by Tsunami because of massive earthquake, which magnitude was 9.0. It is the second to which hit off the coast of Sumatra in 2004. Yet it is the biggest one in domestic earthquake as ever observed since the survey was began.

About radiation, there was an explosion at one of the power plant in Fukushima Area, and totally 19 of citizens exposed to radiation. But luckily enough, none of them was seriously damaged, according to NHK's broadcast!

Now the casualties are estimated up to more than 1,000 across the country...and over 10,000 of people are still missing. Or at least tens of thousands of people those who live near the epicenter of the earthquake are forced to evacuate their homes. They ended up staying some shelters nearby till it is reconstructed.

Not so long ago, remember there also was a calamity in Christchurch New Zealand, where 28 of our fellows were buried under the ground, and 6 people were already found dead???
The ensuing panic inside the country at this time made us totally disoriented!!

So our government sought for aid to respective countries like our alliance, United States. And it is grateful to us that some countries like USA, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, or even the stricken district New Zealand has given their name to help us out, such as food & water supply.

Now our concerns are that there might be blackout tonight, just because of power shortage, says the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Again, the aftermath of big earthquake as well as Tsunami, or fire-flame at some area in Tohoku region seems unlikely to cease completely. It is still jolted at times even a day passed...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 has come!!

Viewers, A Happy New Year!

2011 already came in, and all of you folks must have a bunch of wishes or resolutions which you haven't accomplished last year.

I also have a lot more things to be settled and I do want to change for the better.
It's easy to say but hard to act as you already know, but why not try a little harder by all means in 2011???

Okay, enjoy your 2011, folks !