Monday, September 04, 2006

The assessment of Prime Minister Koizumi

Hi viewers,
Today, I'd like to explore the policy of Prime Minister Koizumi during his office, since his term of service is almost expired, due to the coming presidential election.
Ok, let's get into it.

Firstly, Koizumi contributed our society in a certain way, like enacting the postal privatization last year, and made a great success. Maybe we can’t ignore at this point when evaluating Koizumi during his office.

Secondly, what I can bring up is the economic recovery that enabled the bulk of unemployed to get jobs to a certain degree. As the figure indicates, the unemployment rate has been on a decrease these days. It is grateful to us citizens when making a living in this society. I can also evaluate at this point.

However, he was a kind of selfish in his diplomatic strategy, even his tactics seemed to me as deplorable when making much of developed countries. While taking his office, Koizumi visited Korea only twice, whereas he visited the ally, namely the U.S, many times, or other European countries as well.
But he seldom visited other neighboring counties, including ASEAN, and that was a real shame.
There still exists abduct issue in North Korea, or the disputed islands issue, where a certain young fisherman was shot by a Russian guard the other day.

There are a lot more issues, including economic aid toward the third countries which are still down and out because of starvation. They are still up in the air, due to his prejudiced views in terms of his diplomacy.

As for the domestic issue, it is more obvious how he seemed to be notorious in the eyes of some knowledgeable people.
As you know, the Class A criminal has been enshrined together with the war dead since 1978.
But should we really regard it as only a domestic issue?
I don’t think so. It is true that his statement surely rubbed them up the wrong way to Korea and China, when he said he must have been blamed for it, whenever he visits Yasukuni- Shrine and says a prayer.

What’s more, the structural reform which was stated in his speech during the presidential election at the LDP seemed so vague to us citizens, even went by halves completely.

Finally, Koizumi showed a charisma at times when appealing his platform, and it worked very well at first.
According to the public opinion poll, the approval rate was totally more than 85 percent when he was inaugurated in 2001.
But as time went by, it plummeted by 30 percent or so.
Chances are that we ended up with misjudging Koizumi as a leader, because of his complacent tactics. It went completely debacle after all, especially in foreign affairs, no matter how he affected at home and abroad during his office.

So what do you think of it?
Bye for now!