Sunday, November 27, 2005

What makes translating so difficult?

Hi viewers!
Today, I'd like to mention about translating. Well, I've been translating Japanese to English for several times which were written in Japanese in the first place. Well, my view of translating into other language, I can bring up two things that are difficult to handle it.

First, both English and Japanese are quite different one from the other when you make structures. As you already know, Japanese sentences start from subject, next go to object, and finally end with verb, while English structure should be put in different order like, subject, verb, and object. You know what I mean?

Take the simple sentence for instance;
《I go to school》

In Japanese you say like;
《Watashi wa gakko e iku 》

If you write in English in same order, how would it be? It is supposed to be like;
《I school to go》, doesn't it sound really strange?

As you can figure out, for us local Japanese, sometimes it's hard to write in English correctly because of this.

Second, English has its own characteristics, which means to describe thoroughly when writing structures, whereas Japanese tends to abbreviate some pronouns or words themselves. I think it comes from ambiguousness of Japanese and Japanese language which is peculiar to our own.
What's more, you tend to use a lot of function words in English, while in Japanese, you need not care too much about those, and it does function grammatically as well. Also there are numerous phrasal verbs in English that are unfamiliar to non native English speakers.
Judging from all this, it is still hard for us Japanese to deal with writing in English correctly.
Well tell us your ideas about it.
Alright, see you soon