Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Christmas !

Hi...I'm take393, long time no see!
To tell you the truth, as I was pretty hectic these days, and my dad god rest his soul all of a sudden last month, that's why I couldn't get around to it took me quite a long time to get into this essay. Sorry for making excuses.
As you is the Christmas eve...but unfortunately, I have no plan yet,and I haven't come up with the idea how to spend it either.Since I'm not a Christian, nor am I young enough to think of how to make it up for the wasting times, you know.
I haven't celebrate my own Christmas for ages, since I had split it up long time before.
Today,I'd like to mention how I addicted to drugs and stuff.After I've got acqainted with two guys which I mentioned before, I was just playing around and I ended up being kicked out the university, as it seemed so hard to get a degree within 4 years.Rather I was really wanting to jump into the another pond instead of graduating university.At that time, I was hoping to be richer and didn't want to drag out the situation that I was still down and out.
I really wanted to make my own way so as to seize some chance to make money. I would like to be a certain celebrity, like a millionaire or something, you know. And I was always wondering why most people hold onto such kind of fucking degrees and stuff, whereas some others try to take a chance to seize their dreams. Besides it seemed more fun to take alternative way to make your life fruitful, as far as I was concerned.
2 guys which I met seemed not to be mediocre, so that I was intrigued so much. They seemed to be so cool, like James Dean,Elvis Plesley, or something like big star...that I can't possibly imitate to be.
And what's more, they've got a expesive vehicle, a motorbike as well as a luxurious accommodation, like a big condominium incruding a bar counter that seems definitely impossible for me to come by...

As long as I tag along with those guys, I was no longer strapped for cash either.
But later I found that it was all illusion. They've only played tricks on me dozens of time, and I wasn't able to get away from them.

Sorry, it's time...bye for now, see you !