Sunday, April 01, 2012

Believe it or not, Apr 1 is the very beginning of the New Fiscal Year here in Japan and...

I hear there were so many joining & entering ceremonies in both enterprises & universities nationwide, say, I believe the bulk of freshmen have taken off the ground despite today is Sunday.

Besides, what I've told you before is, April can be associated with many beautiful flowers around, to say nothing of サクラ that represents Spring as well as the meaning of hope across the board.
Have a look at one of my blog archives that describes about the theme^^

Hooked on “Sakura”?

And also...for your better understand, I'll show you the related song that is called SAKURA

This is the footage of Sakura, and hope u like it ^^

An year passed by after that disaster though I sincerely hope things are looking up to those who live in stricken area, and Sakura does comfort them & cheer them up !
Well, that's all I wanted to say...GANBATTE KUDASAI !