Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How to control the population?

Hi viewers!
Here's a vital thing coming up!
That is to say, the figure indicates the death rate in Japan is now exceeding the birthrate, according to the source. It also reveals the population of Japan is on the decrease, which is earlier than previously predicted.
So why is that?
Well, there are actually various factors that can be brought up.

One is the expense of child-rearing, which has been on a steady rise these days, therefore parents hope less children to be grown up.
It also suggests that the younger generation hold off getting married, still hoping to remain single even though they reached marriageable age.
The other thing is the aging society in Japan. It is said that over 20 percent of whole population are now elderly, those who've already reached 65, or older.
To make matters worse, the current epidemic such as flu is spreading around the country nationwide, heightening more of the mortality rate, speculates the demographer.

On the other hand, if you take a closer look at your work place, more and more youngsters are less likely to become full timers due to their apathy or despair for their future. Not only it hampers the economic growth of Japan, but it influences the social security system more or less, such as pensions and so on.
The society has changed drastically after the bubble economy had collapsed in the early 1990s. It has hindered the youngster's enthusiasm toward their work as well.
The more the society is aging, the weaker the work force is getting. It may causes vicious circle of increasing debts in Japan.
Besides it seems youngsters feel more reluctant to support elderly when taking their monthly income into consideration.

So is there any alternative way to prevent from the nation’s declining population?
Why not try to deregulate the work force from those neighboring countries, like China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, or Philippines?
There are tens of thousands of experts around if you keep an eye on your neighboring countries.
Needless to say, they are actually versatile in many fields, like medical treatment, or what else.
It is obvious that they contribute to our nation's industry to a large extent, isn't it?
The more such experts from the neighboring countries increased, the less likely our nation is to become downsized in its population.
So I strongly put forward my views to those politicians or government officials who seem to be carefree with such a problem.
Well, tell me your ideas?


Monday, December 19, 2005

Do they know it's Christmas?

Hi viewers!
As you know, Christmas is coming just right up ahead, and the local businesses are likely to be pretty hectic around, as the shoppers are eager to make purchases for their spouses and kids by way of thanks giving. In the U.S, I think its life style has already taken a firm, like spending times together with their families, relatives or friends. Besides it seems that Christmas really makes their day. I think Christmas holidays are one of their privileges to take their mind off work once a year, when taking their tough times while they're at work into account. I'm not sure accurately how hard times they've got to spend during business hours though. Anyway, they are deserved to receive privileges in Christmas holidays.

To the contrary however, in Japan, Christmas makes no difference in comparison with other holidays such as Children's Day, or anything else.
The reason? Well, I can bring up one thing that explains properly. Japanese are said to be working ants, since 1960s when the country was booming in the waves of high growth of the economy. Since then, people are devoted to their work, making sacrifices for their folks, and that's what their aesthetics are.

Meanwhile, Christmas had already been taken over to the young couples those who are deep in love with each other. There are actually numerous of events like the Disney's attractions and stuff, which draws young guys an awful lot. I think for most married couples in Japan, Christmas is rather troublesome, in other words, it's really pain in the ass when considering their monthly income.
Because they've got to make down payments far in advance for their purchasing houses when they're newly-wed as well as they've got to make payments for their monthly insurances and things like that.

To make matters worse, Japan's economy still seems to be stagnant, and that's why people cannot afford to spend their money for Christmas. Besides it seems they are not good at spending times on holidays due to their current working conditions. That's the story of how they are ignorant of getting a kick out of Christmas, and that's the way it is.

So how do they know it's Christmas?


Sunday, December 04, 2005

How can we save the world?

Hi viewers!
Well, recently the world is said to be in utter chaos, due to terrorism, drug trafficking, current disaster like hurricanes, and so on. Those are actually very critical in terms of administration of society.
Furthermore, there is a certain epidemic, which is now prevailing at a breakneck speed.
As you already know, what I can bring up is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome),which afflicts people throughout a whole world.
I'm still not sure the accurate account how many people were infected HIV, but according to the survey, more than tens of millions of victims are estimated over the past few years.

Remember the annual World AIDS Day which is held in December 1?
In every year, people take action through personal pledges so as not to spread it out any further. For example, holding a memorial service simultaneously around the world is one thing. It is not only an event that allows them to mourn decedents, but it plays an important role as to encourage organizations and individuals to campaign for the sake of human dignity.

A few years ago, I've heard that a certain vaccine had been developed elsewhere in Europe to fight back against AIDS virus, however it is said that it's still not put on the block.
The main reason is that it may cause a certain side effect after they've got vaccinated, so it's still the testing stage.
Provided that some types of vaccine were put on the block, I think they've got to dish out the hefty sum to come by. Especially for Africans, Indians, and South East Asian people, the cost of vaccination should be enormous amount when taking their standard of living into account.

To make matters worse, most juveniles seem to be so apathetic toward disease that there's no way it could be aware of how lethal the epidemic would be.
So what I'd like to put forward is to enlighten juveniles to educate themselves in order not to encounter the contagious epidemic. Teachers and education boards should be more discreet in educating, also they have to inspire students to learn more about the disease far in advance to play it safe.
If each indivisual make it a rule to consider more about it, the rapid increase of epidemic might be weakened in a few years.
Well, tell me your ideas about it.
Alright, talk to you later, folks!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

What makes translating so difficult?

Hi viewers!
Today, I'd like to mention about translating. Well, I've been translating Japanese to English for several times which were written in Japanese in the first place. Well, my view of translating into other language, I can bring up two things that are difficult to handle it.

First, both English and Japanese are quite different one from the other when you make structures. As you already know, Japanese sentences start from subject, next go to object, and finally end with verb, while English structure should be put in different order like, subject, verb, and object. You know what I mean?

Take the simple sentence for instance;
《I go to school》

In Japanese you say like;
《Watashi wa gakko e iku 》

If you write in English in same order, how would it be? It is supposed to be like;
《I school to go》, doesn't it sound really strange?

As you can figure out, for us local Japanese, sometimes it's hard to write in English correctly because of this.

Second, English has its own characteristics, which means to describe thoroughly when writing structures, whereas Japanese tends to abbreviate some pronouns or words themselves. I think it comes from ambiguousness of Japanese and Japanese language which is peculiar to our own.
What's more, you tend to use a lot of function words in English, while in Japanese, you need not care too much about those, and it does function grammatically as well. Also there are numerous phrasal verbs in English that are unfamiliar to non native English speakers.
Judging from all this, it is still hard for us Japanese to deal with writing in English correctly.
Well tell us your ideas about it.
Alright, see you soon


Sunday, November 13, 2005

The way of living in New York

Hi, viewers!
This is the translated version from Yahoo geocities.

〈At first I came to New York, I got confused quite a bit, because its life style is completely different from Japan.
First, in Japan, when you come into your house, you definitely take your shoes off, while locals living out there don’t do that.
On the other hand, I hear foreigners those who are new comer to Japan, are likely to get confused about the way people take their shoes off.

Second, when you take a bath, you wash your body in side a bath.
Now that it’s also popular washing inside of it here in Japan though, I think it wasn’t that much popular out here when I flew to the U.S in 1976.
Those two things are what it came to me as a big surprise when I first came to the U.S.

Furthermore, there are several customs in the U.S which don’t exist in Japan.
First, there is a custom of tipping in the U.S. Needless to say, when you eat out, and of course when you stay at a hotel.
It also applies to the variety of service, like when you call up a handy man to repair or replace something.

As for the manner, I can bring up the custom, so called 《Lady First》, which means women are treated as a celebrity, especially when you go in for the formal gathering.
Unfortunately, as I was a kid at the time, there was no opportunity to take part in.
I guess it took me quite a long time to get accustomed to the society in New York due to the difference of customs and languages one from the other.〉


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where's my English coming from?

Hi viewers!
This is the translated version from my Japanese blog which is on my webpage.

<It was originally from the class and the TV programs where I first started learning English. As I already mentioned on my previous post, I was in a Japanese school, also all the students were Japanese, whereas teachers were blended, like one third of them were Americans, and the rest of them were Japanese. American teachers teach you English, American Social Study, and Art, while Japanese teachers teach you other subjects. Most of classes were conducted in Japanese.
However, nearly the half of students were born in the U.S, grew up out there, that's why their English were better than their Japanese. Whereas their looking was definitely distinct from those of Americans, their English were so fluent, as if their languages were overwhelmingly prominent like English native speakers. You could hear it all around the class as well, like when you are having breaks, or even after class. I attribute my English to their great help, particularly with my pronunciation, and vocabularies. If it were not for their help, I can honestly say that I wouldn't have spoken English in such a way, like what I'm doing with my life now.
In terms of educating myself in the early phase of some learning curves, I really much appreciate for that.>


Sunday, October 16, 2005

English and me

Hi viewers!
This is the translated version from my Japanese blog which is on my webpage.

<At the time when I came to New York, of course I didn’t speak English at all. Therefore there always required some Japanese who could translate my Japanese to English whenever I was seeking some locals to play with. Luckily enough, I was in the Japanese school of New York, there was no anxiety for me to being left behind the class. In terms of my education around the class, I guess I seldom experienced how to grapple with my English around the clock. However, whenever you go out, you definitely come across the situation which is quite different from that of your own.
It’s a different country and all the sign boards are written in English everywhere around your neighborhood. There is no way that you can figure out. When you go shopping, or whenever you take the mass transit, like subway or bus, it is nothing but pretty inconvenient if you can’t conduct English. It's mostly that you could get somewhere in the end. I think the reason why I started to grapple with my English was coming from my strong desire, from those like I wished to learn English as soon as possible in order to get everything that I want, go everywhere that I like to without any problems, or to seek many people to talk with freely.

What I can surely say is it was nothing but TV did the trick for my listening practice.
At the beginning, it was all Greek to me whenever I watched TV, as if I were always feeling like who I was, where I was from. As time went by, I came to realize that I got the hang of the meaning of it in bits and pieces. Yet I’m still sure that it is vital thing to keep this feeling in your mind all the while.>


Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm stuck right at the moment

Hi viewers,
I've been posting my messages for a year or so, and I'm really appreciated that some visitors linked to my web page, also a few anonymous gave me some comments regarding the issue that I had written over the past few months. It really spurs on me to update my blog no matter what the comments are. Also I've found that writing such kind of essays nurtures my English itself, and there's no way to hinder my educaion as well. Ok, let's refer to the topic. I'm now thinking of jumping into another pond where English is conducted on the daily basis. Actually I've been working as a debt collector over the past 2 years, but recently I've found that there's no way I could stick up for it. Because my working condition, such as salary and benefit are getting worse,and even more crucial for us employees to make ends meet every month. Actually I'm seeking another job by using my spare times, which could take place of what I'm doing right at the moment.

However, it seems so hard to get a decent job without getting some qualifications or expert skills, like computer's skill and stuff like that. Although I have a goal, I'm still not sure how I manage to get there. I've been learning English for about 5 years, and one day I made up my mind to immerse myself to the environment where English is also available in a work place. As I already mentioned in my previous update long time before, the reason why I've been learning English is just one thing. That is to say, as far as I'm concerned, studying English is not my hobby at all, it is kind of an index how to make the living in the future to survive in this society. To put it more specific, I want to pursue my dream like becoming a teacher or a translator where English and Japanese are conducting at the same time is inevitable. But it seems it's still a long way to go unless I retrain myself to acquire some expert skills as well as brushing up on my English, like I mentioned in the first place.

As the economy is getting downturn, what's more the employment rate is shrinking these days, and yet it haven't seen any signs of booming, what it seems to be is how extent you could acquire such kinds of expertise in order to survive in this society. But I'm still not sure how to tackle the issue, nor am I sure how it would be after graduating from those kinds of skills. Does anyone have some ideas how to become a self-educated in those fields like teaching or translating? Tell me about your ideas on that.
Alright, talk to you later!


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can we prevent from disaster?

Hi viewers!
As you already know, when you read newspapers elsewhere around the world, everyday it cannot be avoidable to take a closer look at the current disaster taking place in the U.S, namely the Hurricane Katrina, which was spreading throughout the 4 states, which are Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. There're estimated thousands of casualties around, who were stranded at the site after losing their homes, also those who were forced to evacuate after the bulk of town like New Orleans had been submerged because of it.
Also there're still estimated hundreds of missing citizens, and I imagine that some of them must have succumbed to death, like being buried under the ground.

On the other hand,I hear looters raided local businesses along the main streets in New Orleans because of lack of food and water.
Now that the city of New Orleans which is renowned as the birth place of Jazz music was already disrupted, and yet it haven't seen any signs of reconstruction.

Meanwhile, President Bush made an on the spot inspection the other day, saying it would take years to recover from the devastation to Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Also the government started to aid by providing food supplies, but it seems it's just a drop in a bucket for the most citizens, like the poor and needy, the disabled and stuff.
To make matters worse, it possibly allows further segregation like between rich and poor, or between black and white. Furthermore, there should be a heated controversy taking place among the informed persons against the treatment of the U.S government.

So what we can do now is to raise money for aid to compensate their loss, maybe only a few bucks from each of us those who are capable can save their lives. Why not try to chip in some in order to reconstruct the ruined city like New Orleans?
It goes without saying I'm not a hypocrite, nor am I a daydreamer, but I'd like to say in fair and square that what they need is your humble attitude to help them out with their poverty. If so, it probably makes them more tenacious to grapple with calamity.
Alright, see you soon!


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are you faith in fate?

Hi viewers!
You know it's pretty muggy out there. I don't like that season which makes me irritate and allows me to lose my energy, either. I sometimes feel like I'm almost dehydrated, due to the weather, the temperature, and the humidity, so I tend to get a lot of drink. But it seems to me it's kind of a vicious circle of developing some life related disease if I drink a lot. Furthermore, I might develop such kind of disease like diabetes, also it's possibly to cause a sort of complications which is coming from it pretty much easier than I were expected. As you know, I'm already middle aged now, so judging from all this, maybe I've got to need a thorough examination from time to time.

Ok, let's get back to the topic. Well, I've got to refer to an unfortunate matter regarding the theme that I submitted. That is to say, my uncle abruptly passed away on Wed, whereas he was getting better in bits and pieces during his hospitalization. When I heard the news from my mom, it was a deep shock to me, and in no time at all, I was disoriented, started to lose ground, and didn't know what to do. Because he was so gentle, tolerant, and was very kind to me as well.
Moreover, he was renowned as a competent painter, and was so familiarized from his fans alike.
Now and then I would drop in at his private exhibitions when I was young. He loved drawing mountains so much, so his recent works all represent magnificent views surrounding spectacular mountains. But why did he love mountains? Well, as long as I'm concerned, his walking path may drop a hint. For example, like a meandering road on half way up to the peak may suggest his lifetime from the cradle to the grave. I'm warning you, you know it's just a groundless suspicion, who knows?

I'm still not sure the reason why all of a sudden uncle had to go to his final rest, whereas he was so motivated to be up and about to continue his work until at the last minute. Remember that I lost my dad last Nov? It had not been until a year before my uncle died. He was elder than my dad by two years. Although their respective characters were a quite opposite one from the other, both dad and uncle were getting along with each other very well. Having lost two of my folks within a short period of time, I'm so grieving, even I feel like as if I were dreaming a nightmare.

But I don't like to regard it as a fate, otherwise I'll feel down and out, and I'm unlikely to be bounced back as well. So I'll try to think positive no matter how it's heart-rending for me to think about it. Ok, that's enough. Talk to you later, my fellows!


Saturday, July 23, 2005

My introduction sequal

Hi viewers!
I'm take393. Long time no see! Remember me?
It's been awhile since I saw you guys last. I know my updates were becoming dormant, but it couldn't be helped, because I was so hectic with my work and with studying of my own.
Sorry for making a lot of excuses! Well, looking back the past what I've done before, I've been talking a lot of bullshits as my English wasn't still good enough. So I realized that I've got to brush up more in order to conduct a broad range of English. So I was putting my nose to the grindstone for studying, for example, by sending influx of e mails each other back and forth with my friend in the U.S, or studying by myself very hard to cram a lot of new words to pass the English proficiency test which are taking place in Japan every year. Actually I had experienced a series of setback one after another, like my dad's sudden passing last year, but I managed to get all the way through my English test. According to scrutiny, I've totally got around 75 percent out of full marks for each category like reading, writing, and speaking on average, I think it wasn't so bad than I was expected. But when it comes to listening to a various kinds of materials, especially when I've got to listen to news programs, I've thought it was still hard nut to crack to solve it. Because, you know they flow like a bullet train which speed is around 170 wpm on average, I think for most Japanese, it's really hard to keep abreast of it, and so is in my case. In order to become an authentic advanced learner, maybe I've got to spend the bulk of times for listening in my daily practice.

Today, I like to mention about the topic which was held up in the news paper the other day. From the past until up to now, there's been too much at stake here around the classes nationwide, due to lack of competent English teachers, according to the source. Here are some quotes from the Dairy Yomiuri published in Japan.

Quote;Only 4 percent of public schools in the country conduct a good portion of each English lesson in English, a figure far below the goal set by the Education, Science and Technology Ministry Officials said Sunday. According to ministry survey, 10 percent of middle school teachers and less than 20 percent of high school teachers scored more than 730 points in the Test of English for International Communication, a threshold considered by many companies as representing good English ability.

Quote;Only 8.3 percent of middle school teachers and 16.3 percent of high school teachers scored more than 730 points in the TOEIC test, a figure indicating thorough comprehension of ordinary English conversation and an ability to provide quick responses.

Now that you could understand why the most of Japanese are less likely to become fluent compared with other Asian Nations, like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, or Korea. Most of us locals were educated from those who conduct poor English. So in order to tackle the problem, I think teachers should cultivate themselves by enrolling study programs abroad prior to applying for their jobs, well what do you make of my statement?
Alright, talk to you later!


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Very Last ' my introduction '~all about my family

Hi, I'm take393. How's everything, viewers? Well, it's really hard to explain, you know, I guess I've just thought it's really hard to keep myself motivated all the while. Because I'm likely to be vulnerable when something happens, especially when the bad thing occurs which I'm not expected. I'm likely to feel down, and lose sight of myself how to work on anything what I'm trying to do with my life. In that case, I often look at ceiling with dim eyes, doing nothing.

So I've just realized that I'm still not qualified as a writer. And it seems I should stop writing until I would get ready again, and need to have some break.
So, it comes to the very end, and it's a real shame that I'll miss all the viewers. But I'll keep my word to come back again, probably in a few months.

My last theme is 'thinking about family', and there's a reason why I'd like to refer to this topic. To put it more specific, a certain classic sitcoms in the US gave me some ideas to work on this theme.

Have you ever heard about The Brady Bunch ?
I guess almost all the American people ring a bell, once they've heard about it. I'll explain it very quickly for those who have no ideas about 'The Brady Bunch'.
It's a story of a lovely lady and her fellow who attempt to cope with the troubles that exist in trying to raise 6 children in Los Angeles, California.
Although almost 4 decades passed after they first burst onto the television landscape, it still goes from ratings sleeper in Nick Channel in the US.

This sitcom recalls my passing days when I was living in New York City.
I was always watching 'The Brady Bunch' after school with my younger sister, and we used to draw some pictures of their own and see them each other how it went. And I was always wondering how to establish such an ideal family of my own, like Brady's.
They were actually warm hearted, and I had thought I've never seen such a warm hearted scene of my own.

At the time when I was watching the show on TV around 1977, my mom and dad seemed so hard to get along with each other, there were always fighting, and often my younger sister burst into tears during watching their scenes.
Because my dad was a bit alcoholic, also he was so hectic during working hours, that's why he seldom took care of his family, so that it often got on my mom's nerves, then she started to make a lot of complaints, started to take it out on her husband. It went on and on and on, and that it made me depressed. I tried to avoid getting involved in, and I used to think how to get away from it around the clock.

Later my dad got older, and after he retired, he had changed obviously, because of losing his jobs. It seemed that he felt a sort regret after he lost his job, and he thought the only thing that he could rely on is his own family.

But it was too late, because my younger sister died all of a sudden due to the sickness in 2002, also my dad had developed cancer right after that and he died last year.
Later when I've found Robert Reed starring as 'Mike Brady' had died of AIDS in 1992, it was a deep shock to me, and it made me bring back memories of my own family.

When I think about my dad, I must say all was not lost. Because, sometimes dad was gentle, also he showed us his gentleness from time to time.
For example, he often took us to a lot of places for sightseeing, which was ranging from New York to Canada, or Mexico. Also he often gave us a ride to Manhattan for eating out on weekends. So I can't ignore those aspects when I recall my dad. And even after we came back to Japan, dad continued to do it for us for a long period until he lost all of status and honor at his company due to his retirement.

Now that I've lost 2 people of my family already, who were dad and younger sister, I'm the only one that can take care of mom after she became older.
After we've been left apart, since I moved into a new place, I sometimes think of my mom how she is getting along these days.
I think she's basically a nice woman, yet I've still found she has a mean temper.

Also I had already reached to Robert Reed's age at the time when 'The Brady Bunch' was first aired in 1969, I may as well think of making a family of my own. I'm not sure when it would come to reality, though, when the time has come, I'm probably get married. Yet I'm not sure of Robert Reed's careers as an actor thoroughly, but don't you think he was an absolute nice dad while he was leading his private time as well?

Alright it's time to wrap up my updates. And in my last word to all the viewers who actually went all the way through' my introduction', I would like to say thank you very much indeed.
So talk to you again my friends!


Sunday, March 06, 2005

What's going around with me

Hi..I'm take393, almost half a year has passed since I've worked on it, but I'm often stuck when it comes to updating my blog, 'cause I'm not the one who is out of this world. But Once I've started writing, I barely get through it. I don't know why, but maybe my ego as a writer is urging me to do. See what I mean?
But don't get me wrong, you know...I don't intend myself to be on top of the world.
Since I started blogging, I guess I became more active. Alright, let's talk about some topic.

I read an English paper the other day called 'Daily Yomiuri' for the first time in many months. I found an interesting aricle related to drinking beer.
Actually, I love drinking beer. Sorry to's not the real beer which I drink every time.
'Cause it's a bit expensive for me to make ends meet when I get the real one. But it's taste is so similar, so that's why I love it. I make it a rule to drink one can every night, 'cause drinking really relieves my stress, and take my mind off work, especially when I'm worn out. I started drinking from the age of 18. So I've been drinking more than 20 years. And it seems I'm a bit addicted to alcohol, but I won't stop drinking for the world, nor is there no way I can stop it. It's definitely not, unless I developed some disease and stuff.
Sorry for going off on a tangent every time, but I think it's sometimes useful before mentioning about body of the theme when the author tries to refer to something.
As you already know...drinking is very popular these days throughout the world, including Japan, after the late of 20 century since the society became more industrialized. Nowadays there exists a lot more unreal beer, like beer flavored drinks that I mentioned in the first place, so called 'happoushu' in Japanese which catches on to younger generations. I'm not sure exactly, but maybe it's ingridients are quite different from real beer.
According to the newspaper the new beer flavored drinks are gonna be on sale this summer from 2 top brewers of Japan, which are from Kirin Co, and Asahi Co. What's more, they're gonna be made from peas and soy beans! Don't you think it's amazing? Perhaps nobody could imagine such a nontraditional way of making this stuff.

But one thing I can surely say is, the more you drink that kind of stuff, the more you've got to pay tax at retail store. Also, it's really more outrageous than you expected !
But actually, it's cheaper than the real beer. The figure indicates that the amount of containing tax in real beer is approximately 40 percent, whereas beer flavored drink is less than 20 percent. But either way you've got to pay a lot of taxes.
So, you should always keep in mind that your pleasure is being exploited from the state wherever you live !
Alright, hope a lot of fun...see ya !


Sunday, February 27, 2005

How to make a living in oversea

Hi, I'm take393... You see, today's theme is a bit unusual. That is to say, ' How to make a living in oversea', but I'm afraid I can't come up with the idea in the first place. Instead, I'd like to refer to my planning for the future.
Well, actually...I've once lived abroad when I was a teenager. I guess maybe I've already mentioned about it before.
I was staying in New York City along with my family for about 3 years, which was from 1976 to 1979.
During that period in New York City, I was a grade school student, and I used to play around, after school. Like playing base ball, basket ball with my friend, or some other stuff. And it was really fun.
After I came back to Japan, I've taken trips to China, Hong kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I've been traveled those countries alone. During traveling these countries, I've had a lot of troubles, ' know, I've got a lot of troubles with my English. Here's a story...
While traveling Hong kong with my friend in December 2000, we were heading for the international airport to catch the return flight, when the taxicab took us over to the place and we got out, he asked us an outrageous fair. To put it more specific, he was just going out of the way, taking advantage of asking a lot of money to those whom were stranger to Hong Kong. So...we were at the mercy of what he was saying, and he ripped us off after all.
This experience motivated me to brush up on my English when I came back to Japan, and it motivated me to take further steps to study broad range of English.
But I guess it's still inadequate for me to conduct when it comes to talking or discussing social realms.
Sorry, I just went off on a tangent for awhile... what I'm trying to say is, the more I could conduct English, the more I could get the chance to use it in public inside or outside of the country, especially where English is only available in society.
But also Japanese is becoming popular these days, and internatinal society requires bilinguals as well.
In fact, I tentatively started teaching Japanese to an American who was a newcomer to Japan, but I must admit it's really hard task for me to teach Japanese to someone in English.
But once I've gone all the way through during this period of teaching, I guess my English would become a bit closer to what the native speakers require non native speakers who wish to conduct English in the business world.
Needless to say, you've got to look into the country itself inside out, before you start to make a living. This also requires to find out some information about it's various aspects... like it's history, economy, politics, law...etc.
If I could save up enough money, and 'the time has come'...I would like to stay in the suburbs of Bali Indonesia.
Although it's just an ideal, I wish it would come to reality in my age of late 40's, or early 50's.
Alright, bye for now !


Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm ignorant of soccer !

Hi..I'm take393, today I'd like to refer to soccer, which English people and some others call football. As I guess at least Japanese and American people call 'soccer' instead of saying 'football' I'll call it that way.
Well..actually, soccer has become popular these days, especially for developing countries like Iraq, North Korea, as well as developed countries like Japan, the US, Canada, most European nations, and some other Asian countries.
I don't know it's origin when the soccer game held for the first time in their history, nor do I know how it went on to cover the ensuing fanatics such as hooligans that spread throughout the world, in proportion to their industry became more prosperous...You know what I mean?
What I'd like to say may have something to do with their industry, I mean...the more games penetrated to these people throughout the country, the more economy or politics become prosperous to their countries. I'm afraid I'm not sure how it affects to those social realms for the time being.

Remember 'The World Cup' which was held in 2002?
During the games that took place in Tokyo and Seoul, the figure indicated that the amount of tourists for short staying in both countries has doubled throughout a year. And one more thing I can surely say is...these 2 countries became more populated after The World Cup was taken place...what do you think?

Regardless of the fact that I tried to mention about the soccer, I must admit 'I'm ignorant of it'...I don't know any particular reasons why, but I had some terrible experiences in my youth. That was a sort of bullying which some weak people had to get through with it, so that it often applied to me as well. I had to spend hard times when I was in middle school, and I used to think of how to get away from it around the clock.
I think those experiences appeared to me as a trauma later when I grew up, and let me fall on deaf ears whenever anybody talked to me about soccer.
But it goes without saying, soccer is one of the most popular sports in Japan these days, especially ever since 'J Leagues' has given birth to this country. What if somebody knew the fact that I was almost blind about it...they might regard me as weird. But I'll try to change my mind set from now on, and try to consider how to work on it in the early phase of some learning curves. Actually there's a person who's gonna try to help me out from scratch how to enjoy games.

Once I've known its rules inside out, and if I were into it, I'm sure it would get me more activated, like hopping around from bar to bar, finding out some supporters to talk with overnight, and sometimes I might even brag about my favorite team, you know. But I'm not sure how it goes so far.
Alright, we'll stop there...see ya !


Sunday, February 13, 2005

I' m not sure how to use msn messenger !

Hi..I'm take393, today I'd like to mention one more thing related to the internet.
Remember that I refered to it last week?
Actually, I did several different types of things, like sending e mails, posting on the messase board, blogging like I'm just doing right at the moment, searching for information and stuff.
But as for MSN MESSENGER, I still haven't got any clue how to work on it, and it seems I'm stuck as well.
So I'd like to say it's all greek to me when it comes to using MSN MESSENGER, I failed to download, failed to sigh in. put it precisely, I tentatively tried to start chatting, but eventually I failed to do that.
There might be a reason why I can't start chatting, that is to say, this computer may have some functions restrained by the owner. As we're sharing computers in our room, this is not my own ...thus we can't access some web page for sure, then of course, the software which version is downloaded may not have enough capacity and it may not have been upgraded either for the time being. So, probably we need to have a newer version downloaded sooner or later.

I don't know when it would come to reality, but I'm dying to start talking over the internet on the spot, as well as seeing face to face from time to time.
May be, some other residents consider exactly the same way as I do...especially for the people who are forced to have hard days of work and don't have much time to see face to face.

Alright, we're running out of time now, see you next time...take care !


Sunday, February 06, 2005

What happened to me?

Hi..I'm take393,I'm suppose to come back to my web site every Sunday, but to put it precisely, this is not my own website, as you already know..I'm just borrowing this site from the provider.
Since I have started doing internet, I guess I tried a lot of things, like sending e mails, posting messages on the message board, blogging,or just searching google engine to find some informations and stuff. Also, I tentatively started chatting,but I'm not sure how it goes so far.
The other thing is, you know...I was able to meet some people face to face, whom I have first met on the internet.
I guess it's very convenient to see each other throughout the internet, but to the contrary, I came to know there exists a sort of hazard as well, you know.
What I mean anyone can access the internet, sometimes there exists some stupid idiot person who attemts to deceive someone, or to ask someone to give out some informations and stuff.

The guy whom I happened to meet on the internet the other day was one of those kind of people.
At the time he sent me a e mail, he seemed that he was so motivated to see me, and he was so eager to keep in touch with me as well, by giving me out his cell phone's number and stuff.
But when I got to the place where I supposed to meet him the other day, somehow he didn't show up, nor he hang up his phone whereas I called him dozens of time.
So...eventually, I delited his all messages all of a sudden, and I dealt them as spam mails. I think he didn't intend to see me at all, he just pretended to be a nice person, just getting into mischief, and that made me so irritate and drove me to write something on this page.
Not only did he play a trick on me, he also betrayed me, and made me waist my precious hours.
Now with the benefit of hindsight, I thought it's one of the lessons that I had learned from my experience. time, I should be more careful, like doing research carefully, just take my time, never to rush when he or she asks me to see immediately at any occasion. Well..that's all, see on next time !


Sunday, January 30, 2005

How did my novel go?

Hi...I'm take393, for the title I presented, I must admit that I have no idea how to continue my novel.
Instead, I wanna talk something else, that is to say...recently, I'm crazy about doing something new, which I haven't experienced before I moved in my new place.
One thing is...I used to have curfew when I lived in my home place, to put it more specific, I had to go back home by 10pm everyday,when I was living with my family.
But now...I don't have to think about it at all,only I have to think about to make my living. Otherwise,I'm gonna be down and out. That's the biggest problem.
Nevertheless, I think I have become more out going person than I used be, to meet some new people chatting over drink and so on.I just wanna see some other people who are out of this world, like some Japanese people speaks fluent English at nearly native level.
And the other thing is, you know...I'm thinking of jumping into another pond like changing job. As I get peanuts every month, it's so hard to make ends meet right now.Actually, it requires a lot of expences,but I haven't got any clue how to deal with it.
In our country, some qualifications must be needed if you change some job, especially if you are over 30.
And to make matters worse, Japan's society has never been opened its doors if you are over 40, unless you were some kind of expertees. That's the way it is in our society. And of course, that problem applies to me too.
So I must consider what I can I do in this world, but it's still difficult to figure out.
As I'm a debt collector right at the moment, rather I'd better think of switching to another Corp at the same field where English are more conducted, instead of jumping into the another field such as becoming a teacher etc.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

My new way of living has just begun

Hi...I'm take393, long time no see.I'm coming back on this site for the first time about a month.
During this period, things were drastically changed, like my way of living and so on.
I've moved out of my house where I lived with my family for a long period, and have moved in the guesthouse to start a new life.
Actually, my new place is really comfortable for me, because I don't need to take care of my mom any more.
While we were living together, she nagged me all the while, and she was talking a lot of bullshit to me on and on.
I was fed up with her making a lot of complaints to me. Of course, I was trying to hear her out, but finally I couldn't help but yell at her. As I had reached at the end of my tether how to solve that problem, I've taken the plunge and decided to move out so as to live more comfortablly.
On the other hand, my mother is still dragging out talking to me on the phone like,
'What's the hell are you thinking of ? what if you left me alone, I'm not sure what would happen to you next!'
I understand she's still worrying adout me to a certain degree, but why not support me and cheer me up when her son try to become independent and never relies on her?
Actually, I feel like it's kind of a mixed blessing after we've been left apart, but I don't feel myself any gilty at all.
I guess I might take a long time by the time she allows me to do whatever I want to, because she never counts on me due to the fucking dumb head things what I have done in my youth.

Oh...sorry, I couldn't afford to refer to my novel this time, next time I'll try it for sure.
Well, see you next time, my fellows!