Sunday, March 13, 2005

Very Last ' my introduction '~all about my family

Hi, I'm take393. How's everything, viewers? Well, it's really hard to explain, you know, I guess I've just thought it's really hard to keep myself motivated all the while. Because I'm likely to be vulnerable when something happens, especially when the bad thing occurs which I'm not expected. I'm likely to feel down, and lose sight of myself how to work on anything what I'm trying to do with my life. In that case, I often look at ceiling with dim eyes, doing nothing.

So I've just realized that I'm still not qualified as a writer. And it seems I should stop writing until I would get ready again, and need to have some break.
So, it comes to the very end, and it's a real shame that I'll miss all the viewers. But I'll keep my word to come back again, probably in a few months.

My last theme is 'thinking about family', and there's a reason why I'd like to refer to this topic. To put it more specific, a certain classic sitcoms in the US gave me some ideas to work on this theme.

Have you ever heard about The Brady Bunch ?
I guess almost all the American people ring a bell, once they've heard about it. I'll explain it very quickly for those who have no ideas about 'The Brady Bunch'.
It's a story of a lovely lady and her fellow who attempt to cope with the troubles that exist in trying to raise 6 children in Los Angeles, California.
Although almost 4 decades passed after they first burst onto the television landscape, it still goes from ratings sleeper in Nick Channel in the US.

This sitcom recalls my passing days when I was living in New York City.
I was always watching 'The Brady Bunch' after school with my younger sister, and we used to draw some pictures of their own and see them each other how it went. And I was always wondering how to establish such an ideal family of my own, like Brady's.
They were actually warm hearted, and I had thought I've never seen such a warm hearted scene of my own.

At the time when I was watching the show on TV around 1977, my mom and dad seemed so hard to get along with each other, there were always fighting, and often my younger sister burst into tears during watching their scenes.
Because my dad was a bit alcoholic, also he was so hectic during working hours, that's why he seldom took care of his family, so that it often got on my mom's nerves, then she started to make a lot of complaints, started to take it out on her husband. It went on and on and on, and that it made me depressed. I tried to avoid getting involved in, and I used to think how to get away from it around the clock.

Later my dad got older, and after he retired, he had changed obviously, because of losing his jobs. It seemed that he felt a sort regret after he lost his job, and he thought the only thing that he could rely on is his own family.

But it was too late, because my younger sister died all of a sudden due to the sickness in 2002, also my dad had developed cancer right after that and he died last year.
Later when I've found Robert Reed starring as 'Mike Brady' had died of AIDS in 1992, it was a deep shock to me, and it made me bring back memories of my own family.

When I think about my dad, I must say all was not lost. Because, sometimes dad was gentle, also he showed us his gentleness from time to time.
For example, he often took us to a lot of places for sightseeing, which was ranging from New York to Canada, or Mexico. Also he often gave us a ride to Manhattan for eating out on weekends. So I can't ignore those aspects when I recall my dad. And even after we came back to Japan, dad continued to do it for us for a long period until he lost all of status and honor at his company due to his retirement.

Now that I've lost 2 people of my family already, who were dad and younger sister, I'm the only one that can take care of mom after she became older.
After we've been left apart, since I moved into a new place, I sometimes think of my mom how she is getting along these days.
I think she's basically a nice woman, yet I've still found she has a mean temper.

Also I had already reached to Robert Reed's age at the time when 'The Brady Bunch' was first aired in 1969, I may as well think of making a family of my own. I'm not sure when it would come to reality, though, when the time has come, I'm probably get married. Yet I'm not sure of Robert Reed's careers as an actor thoroughly, but don't you think he was an absolute nice dad while he was leading his private time as well?

Alright it's time to wrap up my updates. And in my last word to all the viewers who actually went all the way through' my introduction', I would like to say thank you very much indeed.
So talk to you again my friends!


Sunday, March 06, 2005

What's going around with me

Hi..I'm take393, almost half a year has passed since I've worked on it, but I'm often stuck when it comes to updating my blog, 'cause I'm not the one who is out of this world. But Once I've started writing, I barely get through it. I don't know why, but maybe my ego as a writer is urging me to do. See what I mean?
But don't get me wrong, you know...I don't intend myself to be on top of the world.
Since I started blogging, I guess I became more active. Alright, let's talk about some topic.

I read an English paper the other day called 'Daily Yomiuri' for the first time in many months. I found an interesting aricle related to drinking beer.
Actually, I love drinking beer. Sorry to's not the real beer which I drink every time.
'Cause it's a bit expensive for me to make ends meet when I get the real one. But it's taste is so similar, so that's why I love it. I make it a rule to drink one can every night, 'cause drinking really relieves my stress, and take my mind off work, especially when I'm worn out. I started drinking from the age of 18. So I've been drinking more than 20 years. And it seems I'm a bit addicted to alcohol, but I won't stop drinking for the world, nor is there no way I can stop it. It's definitely not, unless I developed some disease and stuff.
Sorry for going off on a tangent every time, but I think it's sometimes useful before mentioning about body of the theme when the author tries to refer to something.
As you already know...drinking is very popular these days throughout the world, including Japan, after the late of 20 century since the society became more industrialized. Nowadays there exists a lot more unreal beer, like beer flavored drinks that I mentioned in the first place, so called 'happoushu' in Japanese which catches on to younger generations. I'm not sure exactly, but maybe it's ingridients are quite different from real beer.
According to the newspaper the new beer flavored drinks are gonna be on sale this summer from 2 top brewers of Japan, which are from Kirin Co, and Asahi Co. What's more, they're gonna be made from peas and soy beans! Don't you think it's amazing? Perhaps nobody could imagine such a nontraditional way of making this stuff.

But one thing I can surely say is, the more you drink that kind of stuff, the more you've got to pay tax at retail store. Also, it's really more outrageous than you expected !
But actually, it's cheaper than the real beer. The figure indicates that the amount of containing tax in real beer is approximately 40 percent, whereas beer flavored drink is less than 20 percent. But either way you've got to pay a lot of taxes.
So, you should always keep in mind that your pleasure is being exploited from the state wherever you live !
Alright, hope a lot of fun...see ya !