Thursday, October 09, 2008

About the insurance business

Today I would like to write a little bit about work.

From the last month, I started working in the insurance industry. Although it is non-regular employment (so-called part-time job), I had a little interest in insurance from the past. But I haven’t learned something particular up so far. It may be more accurate when I say I happened to come across this work (industry).
Honestly, I have a feeling how I evaluate still hangs in the balance.

My company is an agency always aiming for number one as leading distributor of foreign insurance companies. And seems the achievement (revenues) has also been growing steadily. There are many branches across the nationwide, and it counts up far above 3,000 employees. There consists of young age of employees (27 or 28 year old on average), and it is a vibrant company.

Whereas I didn’t have a strong motive for would-be, why I chose the company (or the industry)? It is just because it gives me opportunity to think about getting senile for myself through the insurance product as I turned over 40 already.

Insurance is a sort of "no shape" products, and also financial products, but essentially different from bank deposits or investment trusts. Of course, there are some insurance in the form of so-called savings, but the basic idea, it is security for the future, warrants partially or almost totally for hefty sum from which the bank deposit cannot cover up in case of injury and illness, even hospitalization and surgery are required. It is not limited for hospitalization of course, there’s an aspect that function to fulfill “peace and mind” for people’s life time, like marriage, child birth, and raising children to be grown up. The Current nation’s system (public pension, medical care and nursing, etc.) is not enough for board, which has been aging in recent years, increasingly large medical expense is expected, but in such a case, insurance also cover them up, thereby, about 90 percent of people have some form of insurance, it is the current situation of our country.

I think this field is unlikely to decline in the status quo for the future.

Well, my job is to sale “the health insurance”.
First, ask to the customers about current state of health, and recommend products that fit in the mouth…it sounds so easy, but the reality is not so easy.
Currently, the training is under way, so I have to be qualified first. After passing the exam, I can explain products to the customers.

So to speak, my job is sales, and of course, the results will be reflected in salaries, but I rather focus on gaining knowledge, or what kind of insurance is to be needed for myself after I got older rather than money. Of course, I want more money even penny as long as I work… but in my case, I see a doctor in the mean time, so seems hard to be well-balanced, I cannot work more, and this is frustrating.

Here is industry restructuring any where in recent years due to the recession, as everyone knows, the insurance industry is no exception. There might be a chance for me to be restructured also. I assume that I have to bear in mind what to depend on is not the company, but myself, otherwise I cannot survive. Considering this in my mind, I put more power in order to do the better performance at my work.