Sunday, April 16, 2006

How to secure a better job?

Hi, viewers!
Recently, I've had it up to here with my current job. Despite I've been working for about 3 years, neither brings me benefits, nor have I got any stipend over the years at all, which I deserve to be remunerated.
What’s more, sticking up for the job further gets me nowhere, because the current task is completely irrelevant to the goal what I’m pursuing at the moment.
I’ve found that I’m just toying with my time. Yet time flies like an arrow so I cannot procrastinate that much.
The bulk of times I spend with my work, but I don’t think it is compatible with studying for the coming test that takes measures of the current English proficiency.

Some people including me believe a few dissent firms or language schools still open their doors to those who have measured up to over 850 in TOEIC, or the 1st level of Step Test, which catch on English learners in Japan nationwide.
In fact, those kinds of test ensure a certain job security even you get order, that’s why it draws test takers an often lot.
Privileges are you can gauge where you are, at the same time able to grasp your week points as well.
To the contrary, however it’s quite deplorable when you take a look at your work place, where you can see people who are almost indifferent to seeing the different world, like learning new things.
There used to be some efficient workers around those whom could be looked up to, but in hindsight, they had found it was silly enough to playing the games. It was not long before they vanished in the haze.
What if us remainder, who are in hands of incapable managements?
Some are still safe, because those are playing the devil's advocate, or pretending to be apple polishers. They would be the last people who are kicked out of it.

Our firm is likely to reverse the trend as if it were back in 1970s or 80s, whereas others are in the middle of globalization.
Take the Matsushita electronics groups, for instance.
Currently there are so many versatile staffs both at home and abroad, the firm is thriving even more rapidly ever than before due to its cutting edge of international communication.
They’re now focusing Chinese as their second foreign language, because Chinese market is now growing at a breakneck speed over a decade.
“Being yourself bilingual at your work place is no longer scarcity value these days. Thus we implemented Chinese on our job training, because we currently targeting out there. China has more”, says one of the chief executives.

Given that you were already knowledgeable, at the same time able to conduct 3 languages in the business world, it’s no doubt you are amazingly valuable wherever you go. Your co-workers may be astonished your competence, even may hide a shamelessly covetous look in their eyes. So if you are having troubles with your current circumstances, don’t linger, stay away from it.
Were it not for a certain security at your work place, how come you stick to it?
Come on, get away and see the different world.
It’s not too late to get started. With your passion, enthusiasm, and your slight courageousness to knock the door are sure enough to change your life.
Ok, talk to you later.