Tuesday, January 01, 2013

May always be Happy, be Positive & be Challenging !

Dear all viewers,

A Happy New Year !
2013 has begun !

To digest last year, it was very bountiful to me !

I think the most fruitful time I have ever had...it's not exaggerated at all.

A Founder and the current Chairman of H.I.S Hideo Sawada shows us in his book that we must always challenge to seize our chance no matter how hardship overwhelms upon us, even weaken our willpower.

He also tells us in the story that you can surmount everything as long as you are always willing to overcome..!!

Indeed, I experienced many things last year, I encountered good times and bad times one another. 

What I could surely say is; 

I enjoyed 2012 to full extent ! 
It was really wonderful to me !

But I wouldn't look back no matter how it was and; 

Here's my pledge right in front of viewers and bloggers around the world as well as Facebook friends that I'll be happier than 2012 ! 

I'll be more positive, more constructive and more imaginative..I'll jump up !!

I will always challenge and change my life as an employee of the Group Enterprises of Mr.Sawada's. 

So Let's be more Positive and challenging as to become happier in 2013, shall we???

As a proverb goes;


Stay healthy, be happy, be prosperious, always be challenging, my friends!

Do enjoy your 2013 !