Sunday, September 11, 2011

A decade passed after the nightmare...

Today is the day to mourn over the deceased who had unfortunately lost their lives by the plain crash schemed by Al-Qaeda, and precisely 10 years have already passed since then. Casualties are nearly 3,000 people including us Japanese Citizens who were working at the world trade center in Manhattan New York City.

I still remember the first footage jumped into my eyes while watching the suspense drama at around 9 o'clock in the evening in my time, but couldn't believe at first. But soon I was aware of the fact that the fire flame covered up the building as well as the twin towers were getting collapsed, and the people screamed at it. The footage was abruptly changed from the drama I was watching to the scene what was happening in NYC. It was like a trick shooting, and was hard to believe this is reality, maybe the bulk of people must have felt the same since it was so horrible, I assume.


They were out of shape and could no longer be as they were after the terrorist attacks, but I hear the citizens soon stood up and tried to make tenacious effort to restore the site of these demolished buildings so called Ground Zero.

As you already know, Iraq war has begun shortly after that under the name of eradication, and many Americans were dispatched to the scene and maybe the war dead is innumerable.
After Osama bin Laden who was believed to be the mastermind of this terrorist attacks was killed, the sporadic retaliation occurred is the well-known fact.

Today, there would be the memorial service in both Washington DC & NYC, and I hear both Mr. Obama and George will attend the ceremony in NY.

We all know it is hard nut crack to solve it, I mean to eradicate the terrorism completely from the earth, but it could also be said this long battle does hamper to expedite the economic recovery in the US and the world as well. Provided that huge military budget were cut down to some extent, the US government could have allocated some more budget to employment measures, social welfare or whatever to help out poor and the needy. Well, it's just my two cents and it may only be scratching the surface about the problem.

What I want to say first and foremost is US leaders need to pledge during this ceremony that they will never wage war any further and will cease war and withdraw the army those who are dispatched into both Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. They must turn their eyes into its weakening economy in stead for the sake of nation's peace and stability.