Saturday, October 02, 2004

About my novel

Hello again, everyone. Today, I'd like to mention about my first novel in detail.
My first novel was mostly based on my experience in my school days, back in 1981 through 1984 at my age of 17 to 20.
I was in a high school, studying and doing some club activities, just spending standard days, thinking of something special, like seeing some beautiful woman and stuff. But actually, there wasn't enough time to get around to that kind of stuff.
So eventually, just right before I graduate from high school, I decided to work as a part-timer, looking for some girl friend to talk with. And finally I've got it made.
We started seeing each other for a year, spending fruitful times. Whenever I saw her, I could take my minds off studying, fucking trivial days and stuff.
Unfortunately, for some reason it didn't last long...

Do you want to know more about it?
Then I'll give you some know.
Just link to this web-page, and don't miss to check it out...
So I guess we're running out of time now, see you back again!


my introduction

Hi, everybody....First, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm take393, from Japan.This is my first time to attemt to my post my message on this web-page.Well...I'm not sure how to do that, nor am I sure how it goes, you know. Provided someone had a look at it, I guess it mind be kind boring, doesn't matter.
I was once craving to become a writer, I still remember when I started writing, it was more than a decade ago.
I was at home, doing nothing. One day when I was spurred on to begin by seeing the royal wedding on T.V, when something came out of my mind and drove me to write down in a manuscript at my age of 28.
I was hooked on writing a certain novel. Whenever I came off duty, it was as if I were making up for the lost time in my teen age years.
As long as I kept going for that, I could conpensate for my fucking trivial days, like a montonous job and stuff.
Well, I was working as a security guard at that time, just staying alone in a factory, nobody coming, so that this situation inspired me to do something special. That's all.
I'm afraid I'm running out of time now, I gonna try to describe more in detail next time, so see you back again folks!