Sunday, October 12, 2008

How shrinking it is

Yesterday, G7 finance ministers meeting was held and the skeleton was announced as the form of a joint statement concerning the issue about public fund injection to the international financial institutions, but I hear no concrete measures and implementation were refer to, also NY Dow Jones continued declining. Seems respective government still can’t find the concrete path about how to tackle the issue. The stock market and the exchange rate are also likely to become a thunder storm this week. And nobody can stop the phenomenon, I guess.

If bank goes bankruptcy, victims are us depositors. In Japan’s case, the payoff system is well known. It is the system up to 10 million yen of bank deposit is protected if the banks went bankruptcy for a rainy day.

After the Irish government announced the depositor protection system, it is said that a series of deposit has shifted from the neighboring country, UK. In my case, the bulk of deposits are foreign currencies, some is outside the country. The other one is deposited in the foreign bank in Japan. I have a sort of anxiety, wondering my money will be refunded or not, if they went bankrupt.

You cannot say that any companies (banks) can surely guarantee you at this time. Even the current stock price are strong enough, you cannot say they’ll have a bright future.

G7’s decision is little more than a ploy that it was so-called "proposal". It could be said what the government's competence is how quickly they can carry it out. There may be various problems though, once the problem is procrastinated, that would be irreparable. What the nation’s responsibility is to make investors or consumers relieve first, I think.

In other words, market turbulence paraphrases the voice of dissatisfaction with the government's attitude by this figure. Decline in the stock market and the week dollar (strong yen) causes the negative chain as I mentioned before, which makes people feel uneasy, cannot live in peace.

Global warming, the fight against terrorism... they are a lot more issues piled up, but they are not completely a different dimension of the problem or at least I feel that way. The more economy gets shrink, the less employment is expected, and it can be a hotbed of crime.

Again, what we exceedingly expect toward the government might be the matter of course, because politicians are the professional who operate the country. As long as they are “the representatives chosen by citizens”, they have responsibility, and we hope that they’ll have keen insight to predict at least six months or a year ahead toward the world movement, not just for coping with the immediate needs.

If only disappointment and despair comes out when the current situation continues. At least you cannot drift through the world doing nothing each day, and we’ll have to keep looking constantly what we can do. But you cannot go against the "law (stream)" in this world.

Metaphorically saying, the world is compared to "the river", right in front of it (the world economy)" is a swift current. We are “the swimmers” who are about to cross the river toward the bank. How to safely swim-off and fall into the other side is our role, but we cannot cross it against the torrent. Once you’ve cross it unjustly, you are washed away into death. How to slow the flow of the river and swim safely is the state or the government task, I suppose.

For that reason, it is the mission of the representatives from the nations to relieve public fears, if the business is addressed in today’s world.