Sunday, December 04, 2005

How can we save the world?

Hi viewers!
Well, recently the world is said to be in utter chaos, due to terrorism, drug trafficking, current disaster like hurricanes, and so on. Those are actually very critical in terms of administration of society.
Furthermore, there is a certain epidemic, which is now prevailing at a breakneck speed.
As you already know, what I can bring up is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome),which afflicts people throughout a whole world.
I'm still not sure the accurate account how many people were infected HIV, but according to the survey, more than tens of millions of victims are estimated over the past few years.

Remember the annual World AIDS Day which is held in December 1?
In every year, people take action through personal pledges so as not to spread it out any further. For example, holding a memorial service simultaneously around the world is one thing. It is not only an event that allows them to mourn decedents, but it plays an important role as to encourage organizations and individuals to campaign for the sake of human dignity.

A few years ago, I've heard that a certain vaccine had been developed elsewhere in Europe to fight back against AIDS virus, however it is said that it's still not put on the block.
The main reason is that it may cause a certain side effect after they've got vaccinated, so it's still the testing stage.
Provided that some types of vaccine were put on the block, I think they've got to dish out the hefty sum to come by. Especially for Africans, Indians, and South East Asian people, the cost of vaccination should be enormous amount when taking their standard of living into account.

To make matters worse, most juveniles seem to be so apathetic toward disease that there's no way it could be aware of how lethal the epidemic would be.
So what I'd like to put forward is to enlighten juveniles to educate themselves in order not to encounter the contagious epidemic. Teachers and education boards should be more discreet in educating, also they have to inspire students to learn more about the disease far in advance to play it safe.
If each indivisual make it a rule to consider more about it, the rapid increase of epidemic might be weakened in a few years.
Well, tell me your ideas about it.
Alright, talk to you later, folks!