Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes, you can!

Well, about a year ago, I updated the following blog.

Indeed, I was almost given up my life at that time, and I did know I was at loose ends. But I was so depressed and felt reluctant to do what I’ve got to do, also I was too under the weather to get myself back on track. Only I felt down and out and was trying to get away from everything I was involved in!
This maybe the truth, and I justified myself that I just cannot afford it, just because I have a handicapped mom, but later I’ve found I was totally wrong.   

So I've made a New Year's resolution to change for the better as you may know, and tried to move forward. Also I feel much better compared with the last couple of years, and it did spur on me to change for the better.
I've been to the job placement office to look for a job for instance as to expedite it, which I haven’t done for the last 2 years. But of course, it wasn’t an easy task to get a job. It is because I’m already in my late 40s, and to make matters worse, continuous recession here in Japan got me completely stranded at the sight.   

I also took advantage of another job center and have met with a professional job counselor several times as to consult my expecting job.

To say nothing of, there was a huge disaster so called “Mar 11” in the course of my job search, and the calamity got me disoriented again. I had to suspend my job hunting for awhile due to the aftermath of the calamity including millions of aftershocks as you already know…

But some miraculous incident such as 16 year old boy and 80 year old woman who were rescued for the first time in 11 days since the disaster took place or whatever really moved me more or less. Or the tenacious effort of our fellows such as SDF or whoever tries to make endeavors just for the restoration of this country did inspire me, and cheered me up again and again!
As a result, I felt more and more inclined to expedite my job hunting, and I stood up once again for the sake of rebuilding this country after the massive loss as well as my passion to contribute in our society me as a man. 

And finally, I secured a decent job after many twists and turns I went through, and I dare say I had risen from the dead…

Today, I went to my dad’s cemetery, and reported back to him everything I was saddled with. And I’m sure he was pleased to hear my good news!

And also I would like to say thank you so much all for your kindly support all the way! 
I can start over my life and I’m really happy that you always count me in as one of your good friends^^

I’ll make a fresh start as of tomorrow, and retrieve everything what I have left behind.
Indeed, I really feel a lot more confident at this time around! Yes, you (I) can!
Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu! (I thank you so much as always!)