Saturday, November 24, 2012

There were actually several site proposed for my journey this time !

You may shock to know after reading it, be honest, the destination for my journey which was first on my mind was Palau! 

I still remember it was the early September when I made a phone-call to my travel agent H.I.S for the first time in 3 months ! (after I traveled South Korea during Jun 11- Jun 16) 
I asked my person in charge of HIS on how Palau sounds like for my expecting journey..

However her answer was there's only 1 hotel available...
Furthermore, the Hotel's fee far exceeded my budget...What made me totally upset was the flight schedule (departing Narita Tokyo nearly 12 midnight & returning back there at around 5 in the morning in our time)...that did make no sense to me. 

In fact, it sounded to me really tight, what was worse, the estimate being sent to my email account from my travel agent was too expensive to carry on. 

Hence I had to change the destination despite the landscape of Palau sounded to me such tremendously beautiful & has caught my eyes an awful lot !! 
After having dreamed of staying in Palau during my holidays was up in the air, my next proposed sight was Vietnam..
According to my travel guide book 海外旅行の最新情報 地球の歩き方 , Vietnam has a lot ! 

There are actually so many beautiful places that draws me as well, and many spots are designated as the world heritage nationwide, indeed. 

Yet my decision was somehow wavering, and it went on & on & on..
After wading through a lot of info about this country, I concluded not to visit this time, either !

Still, I was sticking to beach resort such as Ko Samui in Thailand or wherever, and Langkawi was also count in..

Nevertheless, my second thought turned my eyes more onto familiar place than unfamiliar one, and to me, it was nothing but Kuala Lumpur !

The first time I visited there was on Jun 20 in 2001, when I was 36 year old..
I was tougher than present, also was rough and tumble ! 
Nowadays I take precedence over safety than adventure as I turned 48 year old.. 

 So when I've found Kuala Lumpur International Airport was really huge for the first time on last Monday the 12th, I felt a little bit disoriented !!

What I've found is, believe it not, this kind of ambiguity always makes my journey more bountiful and fruitful as always be ^^

And what made me feel more inclined to visit there at this time is..
Well, it goes without saying that I really wanted to see Facebook sisters face to face, yes, that's true ^^

Above all, what made my journey most comfortable and pleasant was nothing but their tenderness, caring, truthfulness, thoughtfulness..everything was exactly the same as I've imagined before we met each other!! 

And they decorated my 48th Birthday so amazingly !

If it were not for their great assistance, I'm sure I wouldn't have accomplished my journey in such safely & comfortably ! 
Yes, that's true !

Finally we ended up in Malacca where I really wanted to visit ever since I have watched the footage of it on TV, which was as far back as July 2 in 2010..^^

Also I could safely travel Taipei before going back to Tokyo ^^

Taipei was also amazing !
The thing is the traffic jam as well as I was really caught in KL, which was on my way to Chinatown..

As a matter of course, everything is
forgivable as long as I could safely return back to Tokyo !!

As a token of my gratitude for your welcoming when I was there, I really wanted to update here on my blogger ASAP..It took me nearly a week though anyway, I've finished it all ^^ 

Thank you, Terima Kasih Banyak & ありがとう ^^


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visiting Dad's Cemetery for OBON & today is also..

The Day when The World War Ⅱ ended under the unconditional surrender in which Japan was involved, which was as far back as Aug 15 in 1945. 
Speaking of it, I've already referred to one of my blog archives down below, so take a look ^^

Currently in Japan, Bon Festival is taken place till tomorrow nationwide, which is a Japanese Buddhist holiday in August to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors.

To follow our ancestral customs, today I went to my dad's cemetery to report him everything that I had had over the past year.

So far, almost everything around me is looking up and I told him so.

Also in the evening after I got home, I cleaned up the Buddhist altar in my place very carefully, where the photos of the deceased (my dad's & my younger sis's) are stood up. I lit up the candle and offered incense sticks respectively for my dad & for my sis, and said a prayer for them.


If I were more respectful, maybe I would have done it more often. I'm really sorry, both !
But by doing so, our bonds are tightened up securely for goods, I believe...they do understand me, maybe !

Thank you so much dad & sis for reminding me of the spiritual day ! 

Okay, I'll try my utmost for the rest of my life ^~^ 


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Believe it or not, Apr 1 is the very beginning of the New Fiscal Year here in Japan and...

I hear there were so many joining & entering ceremonies in both enterprises & universities nationwide, say, I believe the bulk of freshmen have taken off the ground despite today is Sunday.

Besides, what I've told you before is, April can be associated with many beautiful flowers around, to say nothing of サクラ that represents Spring as well as the meaning of hope across the board.
Have a look at one of my blog archives that describes about the theme^^

Hooked on “Sakura”?

And also...for your better understand, I'll show you the related song that is called SAKURA

This is the footage of Sakura, and hope u like it ^^

An year passed by after that disaster though I sincerely hope things are looking up to those who live in stricken area, and Sakura does comfort them & cheer them up !
Well, that's all I wanted to say...GANBATTE KUDASAI !


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do not forget 2:46 PM !!

Many of you folks might have already known, since Newspaper or TV reported in a large way. 

To say it precisely, an year anniversary will come in less than the net 20 hours, which was so “rampageous event” that had generated at 2:46 PM on Friday, March 11 in 2011

It is namely   2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Come to think of it, looks everything around me has changed completely during the last 1 year. 
Already an year passed by・・ 【A Various Scenes】 are flashed back in rapid succession. 
And of course, I've lost lots of things as well.

I'll express my condolences from the bottom of my heart to those who had unfortunately lost lives on the ground that there was huge catastrophe, or in relation to the power plant. 
We have no words to say, and we can't do anything for you either.   

And to our beloved folks, we're very sorry to say are our pledge right in front of an year anniversary that we'll live with all our might each day in stead of you.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Why not turn over a new leaf in 2012???

I know I’m just procrastinating & I have yet to take off the ground…What I mean is I can’t come up with the ideas on what to bring up as a topic for the New Year’s Day…
But anyway,  A HAPPY HAPPY 2012, Viewers!
Indeed, New Year has begun…hahaha!

Last night, I went to ODAIBA (TOKYO BAYFRONT) to see countdown and catch a glimpse of stunning view, namely the Statue of Liberty , Rainbow Bridge or whatever, and it was indeed my first time to be there…LOL

I’ve just explored more a lot as if I were a foreigner as I mentioned on some SNS… Yes I must admit there are such a many places that I haven’t visited even in Tokyo Area! Really shamefully enough to say, the thing is EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE and can’t easily to drop by (-_-)

Apart from its exceedingly high price, better I turn my eyes more onto internal rather than external, as I’ve been abroad quite a few as you already knew…Including United States of America where I have lived for a couple of years back in late 70s…there are totally 15 countries & regions which I have been so far.

Sorry, I just went off on a tangent quite a bit…but hey… this is my year…!!
My CHINESE ZODIAC IS DRAGON…So wish all my dreams come true at any rate!

January 1st is the very beginning of the New Year, according to our saying;
New Year’s Day is the key of the year or in original Japanese;

It might sound too conventional to say but…why not turn over a new leaf & do what we can from this day onward, shall we???

Sincerely hope a best of luck to you all & enjoy 2012!!