Sunday, January 30, 2005

How did my novel go?

Hi...I'm take393, for the title I presented, I must admit that I have no idea how to continue my novel.
Instead, I wanna talk something else, that is to say...recently, I'm crazy about doing something new, which I haven't experienced before I moved in my new place.
One thing is...I used to have curfew when I lived in my home place, to put it more specific, I had to go back home by 10pm everyday,when I was living with my family.
But now...I don't have to think about it at all,only I have to think about to make my living. Otherwise,I'm gonna be down and out. That's the biggest problem.
Nevertheless, I think I have become more out going person than I used be, to meet some new people chatting over drink and so on.I just wanna see some other people who are out of this world, like some Japanese people speaks fluent English at nearly native level.
And the other thing is, you know...I'm thinking of jumping into another pond like changing job. As I get peanuts every month, it's so hard to make ends meet right now.Actually, it requires a lot of expences,but I haven't got any clue how to deal with it.
In our country, some qualifications must be needed if you change some job, especially if you are over 30.
And to make matters worse, Japan's society has never been opened its doors if you are over 40, unless you were some kind of expertees. That's the way it is in our society. And of course, that problem applies to me too.
So I must consider what I can I do in this world, but it's still difficult to figure out.
As I'm a debt collector right at the moment, rather I'd better think of switching to another Corp at the same field where English are more conducted, instead of jumping into the another field such as becoming a teacher etc.