Sunday, April 08, 2007

What do you say to feeling at ease in the suburb?'s still full blooms out here in Tokyo. But some cherry flowers were already fallen because of the unexpected weather early this week. There were heavy rains with thunder storms on Tuesday through Wednesday, and some people those who had already taken a day off during the either days must have missed the full cherry blossoms as well.

Gradually, the cherry front is heading all the way up to Tohoku region, which is Northern part of Japan, and now the cherry flowers in Tokyo or some other parts are turning into leaves in bits and pieces.
I'll miss that a bit when all the cherry flowers were fallen...but honestly...what makes me more attractive is the season when the scenery turned into completely changed, like full of greens!!

It is said that the climate is most moderate from the mid April through the early May throughout a year in Japan. The temp is around 65 through 70 (18 to 21) during this season that makes you feel most comfortable day and night. There are also a long Holidays of Japan, called "The Golden Week" and the views you can command is the magical beauty that allows you to take a walk in the woods for long.

So called "a therapeutic walk in the forest" (or "Shinrinyoku" in Japanese) is said to be not only the most luxury way of spending holidays, but has many efficacy that keeps you healthy in your real life. Being soaked in the nature actually takes mind off work, or it enables you to regain your energy just by taking a deep breath in the forest. You can also skirt around such kind of exhaust gases where you usually get across in the city, when you take the plunge to go out there.

There are bunch of beautiful forests within 30 miles radius around Tokyo. It's not far out from the downtown area. So I'll strongly recommend you guys to take the mass transit like trains and stuff instead of using vehicles, and reach the suburbs.
Heading for the Disney Land or other stuff in the traffic congestion is actually one way for spending holidays...but anything will never do after wasting a hefty sum for your spouse and the kids!!

Just think for yourself especially if you were already in your late 40s, 50s or so...walking in the forests makes your days sometimes without other parties involved. But it's just my point of view.
It might be less spectacular than those of the soaring Rocky Mountains in North America, the Colorado Springs in the U.S, the Great Wall of China, or wherever in overseas since Japan is said to be a rabbit hutch in the first place. But at least you can command a nice view, and it does surely prevent you from such as adult diseases by taking a brisk walk in the woods.

So why not give it a shot sometimes to feel at ease you really want?