Sunday, February 27, 2005

How to make a living in oversea

Hi, I'm take393... You see, today's theme is a bit unusual. That is to say, ' How to make a living in oversea', but I'm afraid I can't come up with the idea in the first place. Instead, I'd like to refer to my planning for the future.
Well, actually...I've once lived abroad when I was a teenager. I guess maybe I've already mentioned about it before.
I was staying in New York City along with my family for about 3 years, which was from 1976 to 1979.
During that period in New York City, I was a grade school student, and I used to play around, after school. Like playing base ball, basket ball with my friend, or some other stuff. And it was really fun.
After I came back to Japan, I've taken trips to China, Hong kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I've been traveled those countries alone. During traveling these countries, I've had a lot of troubles, ' know, I've got a lot of troubles with my English. Here's a story...
While traveling Hong kong with my friend in December 2000, we were heading for the international airport to catch the return flight, when the taxicab took us over to the place and we got out, he asked us an outrageous fair. To put it more specific, he was just going out of the way, taking advantage of asking a lot of money to those whom were stranger to Hong Kong. So...we were at the mercy of what he was saying, and he ripped us off after all.
This experience motivated me to brush up on my English when I came back to Japan, and it motivated me to take further steps to study broad range of English.
But I guess it's still inadequate for me to conduct when it comes to talking or discussing social realms.
Sorry, I just went off on a tangent for awhile... what I'm trying to say is, the more I could conduct English, the more I could get the chance to use it in public inside or outside of the country, especially where English is only available in society.
But also Japanese is becoming popular these days, and internatinal society requires bilinguals as well.
In fact, I tentatively started teaching Japanese to an American who was a newcomer to Japan, but I must admit it's really hard task for me to teach Japanese to someone in English.
But once I've gone all the way through during this period of teaching, I guess my English would become a bit closer to what the native speakers require non native speakers who wish to conduct English in the business world.
Needless to say, you've got to look into the country itself inside out, before you start to make a living. This also requires to find out some information about it's various aspects... like it's history, economy, politics, law...etc.
If I could save up enough money, and 'the time has come'...I would like to stay in the suburbs of Bali Indonesia.
Although it's just an ideal, I wish it would come to reality in my age of late 40's, or early 50's.
Alright, bye for now !


Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm ignorant of soccer !

Hi..I'm take393, today I'd like to refer to soccer, which English people and some others call football. As I guess at least Japanese and American people call 'soccer' instead of saying 'football' I'll call it that way.
Well..actually, soccer has become popular these days, especially for developing countries like Iraq, North Korea, as well as developed countries like Japan, the US, Canada, most European nations, and some other Asian countries.
I don't know it's origin when the soccer game held for the first time in their history, nor do I know how it went on to cover the ensuing fanatics such as hooligans that spread throughout the world, in proportion to their industry became more prosperous...You know what I mean?
What I'd like to say may have something to do with their industry, I mean...the more games penetrated to these people throughout the country, the more economy or politics become prosperous to their countries. I'm afraid I'm not sure how it affects to those social realms for the time being.

Remember 'The World Cup' which was held in 2002?
During the games that took place in Tokyo and Seoul, the figure indicated that the amount of tourists for short staying in both countries has doubled throughout a year. And one more thing I can surely say is...these 2 countries became more populated after The World Cup was taken place...what do you think?

Regardless of the fact that I tried to mention about the soccer, I must admit 'I'm ignorant of it'...I don't know any particular reasons why, but I had some terrible experiences in my youth. That was a sort of bullying which some weak people had to get through with it, so that it often applied to me as well. I had to spend hard times when I was in middle school, and I used to think of how to get away from it around the clock.
I think those experiences appeared to me as a trauma later when I grew up, and let me fall on deaf ears whenever anybody talked to me about soccer.
But it goes without saying, soccer is one of the most popular sports in Japan these days, especially ever since 'J Leagues' has given birth to this country. What if somebody knew the fact that I was almost blind about it...they might regard me as weird. But I'll try to change my mind set from now on, and try to consider how to work on it in the early phase of some learning curves. Actually there's a person who's gonna try to help me out from scratch how to enjoy games.

Once I've known its rules inside out, and if I were into it, I'm sure it would get me more activated, like hopping around from bar to bar, finding out some supporters to talk with overnight, and sometimes I might even brag about my favorite team, you know. But I'm not sure how it goes so far.
Alright, we'll stop there...see ya !


Sunday, February 13, 2005

I' m not sure how to use msn messenger !

Hi..I'm take393, today I'd like to mention one more thing related to the internet.
Remember that I refered to it last week?
Actually, I did several different types of things, like sending e mails, posting on the messase board, blogging like I'm just doing right at the moment, searching for information and stuff.
But as for MSN MESSENGER, I still haven't got any clue how to work on it, and it seems I'm stuck as well.
So I'd like to say it's all greek to me when it comes to using MSN MESSENGER, I failed to download, failed to sigh in. put it precisely, I tentatively tried to start chatting, but eventually I failed to do that.
There might be a reason why I can't start chatting, that is to say, this computer may have some functions restrained by the owner. As we're sharing computers in our room, this is not my own ...thus we can't access some web page for sure, then of course, the software which version is downloaded may not have enough capacity and it may not have been upgraded either for the time being. So, probably we need to have a newer version downloaded sooner or later.

I don't know when it would come to reality, but I'm dying to start talking over the internet on the spot, as well as seeing face to face from time to time.
May be, some other residents consider exactly the same way as I do...especially for the people who are forced to have hard days of work and don't have much time to see face to face.

Alright, we're running out of time now, see you next time...take care !


Sunday, February 06, 2005

What happened to me?

Hi..I'm take393,I'm suppose to come back to my web site every Sunday, but to put it precisely, this is not my own website, as you already know..I'm just borrowing this site from the provider.
Since I have started doing internet, I guess I tried a lot of things, like sending e mails, posting messages on the message board, blogging,or just searching google engine to find some informations and stuff. Also, I tentatively started chatting,but I'm not sure how it goes so far.
The other thing is, you know...I was able to meet some people face to face, whom I have first met on the internet.
I guess it's very convenient to see each other throughout the internet, but to the contrary, I came to know there exists a sort of hazard as well, you know.
What I mean anyone can access the internet, sometimes there exists some stupid idiot person who attemts to deceive someone, or to ask someone to give out some informations and stuff.

The guy whom I happened to meet on the internet the other day was one of those kind of people.
At the time he sent me a e mail, he seemed that he was so motivated to see me, and he was so eager to keep in touch with me as well, by giving me out his cell phone's number and stuff.
But when I got to the place where I supposed to meet him the other day, somehow he didn't show up, nor he hang up his phone whereas I called him dozens of time.
So...eventually, I delited his all messages all of a sudden, and I dealt them as spam mails. I think he didn't intend to see me at all, he just pretended to be a nice person, just getting into mischief, and that made me so irritate and drove me to write something on this page.
Not only did he play a trick on me, he also betrayed me, and made me waist my precious hours.
Now with the benefit of hindsight, I thought it's one of the lessons that I had learned from my experience. time, I should be more careful, like doing research carefully, just take my time, never to rush when he or she asks me to see immediately at any occasion. Well..that's all, see on next time !