Sunday, October 16, 2005

English and me

Hi viewers!
This is the translated version from my Japanese blog which is on my webpage.

<At the time when I came to New York, of course I didn’t speak English at all. Therefore there always required some Japanese who could translate my Japanese to English whenever I was seeking some locals to play with. Luckily enough, I was in the Japanese school of New York, there was no anxiety for me to being left behind the class. In terms of my education around the class, I guess I seldom experienced how to grapple with my English around the clock. However, whenever you go out, you definitely come across the situation which is quite different from that of your own.
It’s a different country and all the sign boards are written in English everywhere around your neighborhood. There is no way that you can figure out. When you go shopping, or whenever you take the mass transit, like subway or bus, it is nothing but pretty inconvenient if you can’t conduct English. It's mostly that you could get somewhere in the end. I think the reason why I started to grapple with my English was coming from my strong desire, from those like I wished to learn English as soon as possible in order to get everything that I want, go everywhere that I like to without any problems, or to seek many people to talk with freely.

What I can surely say is it was nothing but TV did the trick for my listening practice.
At the beginning, it was all Greek to me whenever I watched TV, as if I were always feeling like who I was, where I was from. As time went by, I came to realize that I got the hang of the meaning of it in bits and pieces. Yet I’m still sure that it is vital thing to keep this feeling in your mind all the while.>