Saturday, October 23, 2004

what's more about my novel,again

Hi,I'm take393,today I'd like to mention about my novel,once more.
After we both had broken up,I was just wondering around seeking some lovers, meanwhile my ex-girl friend got married spending extravagant days.
we sometimes kept in touch with each other,knowing what's going around after we've been left apart,but later I found that it was all in vain.
I ve noticed that she would never come back,and my love seemed so far...
so I just quit chasing her for good and tried to find another one.
However,it didn't go well...and a year passed by,I turned to 19...
while I was sophomore in college, a letter came in to my apatment when I got back home,and found my ex-girls'sudden passing due to the car accident.The letter was from her mother,saying she had got involved in the car clash..while she was driving express way with her husband.I was so shocked to hear the incident that I coudn't help but burst into tears.
This incident made me go insane after that,I counldn't control myself either.
I was so hopeless to live without her,just hanging around,started to use some drags,and started to hop around from bar to bar seeing some bad friends to get acquainted with in order to get some drags...

Well,of course it wasn't myself,it's just a fucking story,you know. Alright fulks,let't get into take further steps next week,take care!


Friday, October 22, 2004

what's new?

Hi,this is take393,again.I'm coming back now.I've written about my previous novels several times. As it was my first attempt to publish my works,I feel embarrassed when someone look at it and says,
'How boring it is'
But no matter what people say,I won't quit writing as long as I'm enjoying itself, nor will I get away from it.
I know it's not an easy task though,but imagine that you are the child and you don't have much capacity to handle with communicating,what will you do?
Obviously,you will ask some adults how to cope with it and learn about it as well.Gradually he learns expressions step by step and grows up.
This category also applies to when writing essay and stuff,don't you think so?
Well that's all I wanted to mention tonight,see you back again!


Saturday, October 16, 2004

How did my novel go?

Hi, long time no see.I'm take393...remember me?
As I was publishing my essay dozens ot time, however it hasn't still appeared on the blogger's index you know...Is there anything else I must do to allow other viewers to check it out?
Well, that makes me irritating, you know... just forget about that.
Well, I have written my novel for years when I was at late 20s, but I strapped for cash, so I gave up publishing.
But I really loved to writing itself , no matter what was happening around me.So I' ve just kept going on and on until up to 35.
As you already kwow, I made up a story just a little bit, because if I write exactly what I experienced,it should be boring you know, and what's more,to change and see the different world was more interesring to hooked on. So I redrafted again and again to a heart content, and finally it was ready to get all done.
But sorry to say...I didn't exactly remember details about it inside out, so it took me too much time to review what was going on the novel.
We're running out of time, and I guess I'd better try to continue next time, see you back again...folks!


Monday, October 11, 2004

I' m utterly exausted

Hi,I'm take 393 from Japan...Now I'm stuck.The reason why I'm stuck is, no one can't still find out my message, and what's more, I'm not sure how to keep going for writing my essay,
Acutually, I'm sure the result of publishing whether I could get all this done successfully...
I have no idea how to let some visitors log in to my web-page.
I guess there should be something wrong during my process, provided someone could check this out, and give me some comments as for the matter, I would be so happy...
Well that's all about it...
Thank you


Saturday, October 09, 2004

what's more about my novel

Hello again,everyone,Today I'd like to mention my novel in more detail.As I already metioned about it last time, that mostly it was based on my own biography,but it contains some fictions as well.
Last time, I didin't mention why we have broken up...
The reason is...I found that I prefer same-sexual to women, and ended up telling her the truth.
Ofcourse she was so astonished at it, began to cry all of sudden,and left me.
But it's not the real of my own, it's just the fiction.

All right you folks, see you back again!


Saturday, October 02, 2004

About my novel

Hello again, everyone. Today, I'd like to mention about my first novel in detail.
My first novel was mostly based on my experience in my school days, back in 1981 through 1984 at my age of 17 to 20.
I was in a high school, studying and doing some club activities, just spending standard days, thinking of something special, like seeing some beautiful woman and stuff. But actually, there wasn't enough time to get around to that kind of stuff.
So eventually, just right before I graduate from high school, I decided to work as a part-timer, looking for some girl friend to talk with. And finally I've got it made.
We started seeing each other for a year, spending fruitful times. Whenever I saw her, I could take my minds off studying, fucking trivial days and stuff.
Unfortunately, for some reason it didn't last long...

Do you want to know more about it?
Then I'll give you some know.
Just link to this web-page, and don't miss to check it out...
So I guess we're running out of time now, see you back again!


my introduction

Hi, everybody....First, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm take393, from Japan.This is my first time to attemt to my post my message on this web-page.Well...I'm not sure how to do that, nor am I sure how it goes, you know. Provided someone had a look at it, I guess it mind be kind boring, doesn't matter.
I was once craving to become a writer, I still remember when I started writing, it was more than a decade ago.
I was at home, doing nothing. One day when I was spurred on to begin by seeing the royal wedding on T.V, when something came out of my mind and drove me to write down in a manuscript at my age of 28.
I was hooked on writing a certain novel. Whenever I came off duty, it was as if I were making up for the lost time in my teen age years.
As long as I kept going for that, I could conpensate for my fucking trivial days, like a montonous job and stuff.
Well, I was working as a security guard at that time, just staying alone in a factory, nobody coming, so that this situation inspired me to do something special. That's all.
I'm afraid I'm running out of time now, I gonna try to describe more in detail next time, so see you back again folks!