Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear daddy!

Dear my dad,
Today is your birthday, you turned to 77 if you were alive...As you know, 77 has a special meaning in our society, which is derived from Chinese characters, namely “寿” and 77 could also be written as “七十七” in Kanji as well. Both “寿” & “七十七” are just alike.

And also what I must not forget is today is the 48 th anniversary of your wedding ―  on the same day in 1963, you and mom got married. At that time, you were 29 and my mom was guys were supposedly a very young & nice couples...hehehe^^

And the next year...I was born... I know you loved me an awful lot at least before sis MARIKO (1971-2002) was born. And you said I was so cute when I was a little

In my school days, you've beaten up against me and played a role of stern father, while you played a role of gentle dad to my sis. It is just because I was a boy and sis was a girl. You've never beaten up against her...I was always the “victim”, it's just a sarcasm, dad...sorry yah^^

But on the other hand, you showed me gentleness from time to time as I've introduced on the previous post.

Dad, I always feel sorry, coz I'm the one that made my mom feel sick. She's now in hospitalization quite a long time as I've reported at your cemetery in the end of May...

I'm now working harder than ever to retrieve things back on course. In the meantime, I see mom periodically, but she is not satisfied at all. Rather she feel isolated all the time, but she doesn't say she wants to come home as she used to. It seems she's giving up her life, it's all my fault, I'm the one to be blamed for.

After sis MARIKO passed away, I had to be saddled with everything I was involved including mom's issue. But don't get me wrong dad! I don't intend to make complaints, rather I feel I have to make up for everything that I had done to you & your wife TOMOKO...

Okay I'll turn over a new leaf just as you had told me at the last minute God rest your soul, dad!

And thank you so much for letting me remember your birthday & recalling the blissful times we had spent in the United States! It is thankful that you're always watching us affectionately from the heaven...

ARIGATOU OTOSAN (ありがとう、おとうさん)

In the Health & Sports Day,
Your son,