Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How to control the population?

Hi viewers!
Here's a vital thing coming up!
That is to say, the figure indicates the death rate in Japan is now exceeding the birthrate, according to the source. It also reveals the population of Japan is on the decrease, which is earlier than previously predicted.
So why is that?
Well, there are actually various factors that can be brought up.

One is the expense of child-rearing, which has been on a steady rise these days, therefore parents hope less children to be grown up.
It also suggests that the younger generation hold off getting married, still hoping to remain single even though they reached marriageable age.
The other thing is the aging society in Japan. It is said that over 20 percent of whole population are now elderly, those who've already reached 65, or older.
To make matters worse, the current epidemic such as flu is spreading around the country nationwide, heightening more of the mortality rate, speculates the demographer.

On the other hand, if you take a closer look at your work place, more and more youngsters are less likely to become full timers due to their apathy or despair for their future. Not only it hampers the economic growth of Japan, but it influences the social security system more or less, such as pensions and so on.
The society has changed drastically after the bubble economy had collapsed in the early 1990s. It has hindered the youngster's enthusiasm toward their work as well.
The more the society is aging, the weaker the work force is getting. It may causes vicious circle of increasing debts in Japan.
Besides it seems youngsters feel more reluctant to support elderly when taking their monthly income into consideration.

So is there any alternative way to prevent from the nation’s declining population?
Why not try to deregulate the work force from those neighboring countries, like China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, or Philippines?
There are tens of thousands of experts around if you keep an eye on your neighboring countries.
Needless to say, they are actually versatile in many fields, like medical treatment, or what else.
It is obvious that they contribute to our nation's industry to a large extent, isn't it?
The more such experts from the neighboring countries increased, the less likely our nation is to become downsized in its population.
So I strongly put forward my views to those politicians or government officials who seem to be carefree with such a problem.
Well, tell me your ideas?