Friday, October 22, 2004

what's new?

Hi,this is take393,again.I'm coming back now.I've written about my previous novels several times. As it was my first attempt to publish my works,I feel embarrassed when someone look at it and says,
'How boring it is'
But no matter what people say,I won't quit writing as long as I'm enjoying itself, nor will I get away from it.
I know it's not an easy task though,but imagine that you are the child and you don't have much capacity to handle with communicating,what will you do?
Obviously,you will ask some adults how to cope with it and learn about it as well.Gradually he learns expressions step by step and grows up.
This category also applies to when writing essay and stuff,don't you think so?
Well that's all I wanted to mention tonight,see you back again!