Thursday, October 16, 2008

It might be amusing for a moment.

Lately, fluctuations in the value of stocks are too intense. It falls sharply for 1,000 yen or more today if it is thought that the Nikkei average rose for 1,100 yen the other day inadvertently. The market actually becomes sensitive, the high interest rate currency (Australian dollar and NZ dollar) is sold any more for the finance crisis where the edge is originated in the United States to extend all over the world, and to reach the real economy are to agree by reporting media of every day, and the investor is seen to sell cheap rushing it to secure at hand the capital, and to speed up the realization.

On the other hand, it seems to have been had dealings over crude oil by one barrel/74 dollar level yesterday. Actual demand decreases, and it is clear how the consumer is refraining from consumption at the very sight of this figure.

Investor's psychology appears considerably dark, and however, isn't does not one uneasiness amplify new uneasiness will being to say from amateur eyes nor a market psychology that on the pretext of a remark of the important person of phlegm even if it becoming it is rumor, and false rumor in an abnormal change of stock prices and the exchange though cold is certainly true in business?

Our major civilian is made to associate moreover, if another view is done, it might be the one in some of property person or investors' money games how though the impression that there is not a done way either is held.
It made to only one night in this situation, and it disappeared. A lot of top men gathered from all parts of the world only in that, the discussion for a long time was done repeatedly, concrete correspondence announced by the statement, and in Washington.

Certainly, though it is thought that it is one of the sales materials that the closing of accounts of getting depressed and the enterprise of the consumption of the United States had fallen below the expectation . . . A market today that moves up and down like the roller coaster must be exactly abnormal.
Therefore, it is the one that it wants you to do the effort to try to the stabilization of the market by doing Concerted Intervention of the dollar to which Bank of Japan is not performed after 2004. The market thought that it was made to learn, whether it was delicate "Living thing" again like this.