Friday, October 03, 2008

It's completely off the mark

Well...about the investment.

I have bank deposit at some foreign banks, not just one...because I invested foreign currencies such as Euro, Australian Dollar, or New Zealand Dollar respectively, and they are all fixed deposit. That means I cannot do anything, like withdrawing, before the matured date. Especially, for Euro and AUD, I purchased each from Hong Kong Dollar. But as you know, HKD is adopted “Dollar-Peg” system, which means it is always connected with US Dollar.

Since USD have plummeted after the Sub-Prime Mortgage came into light, HKD also depreciated by 10 percent or more. Still Euro and AUD were much stronger than USD, which means it was the higher rate compared with present. But the Media reported EU nations and Oceania countries (Australia and New Zealand) started inflation in late July (I think it was right before Aug), also when the Housing price lowered, both government lowered the bank rate, those currencies also started depreciating.

Later I've found that it was almost the highest rate when I purchased Euro and AUD in HSBC Hong Kong where I opened my bank account last year.
Now it's getting lower and lower and I cannot forecast how it would be and how further they will go down since the world economy is so bleak and no one can stop the lowering housing price all around the world.

Seems it was totally off the mark. I should have kept my savings in Hong Kong Dollar. In fact, I've lost nearly 20 percent of my savings. And more or less, I think it got damaged me mentally, and it is hard to believe that it is nothing to do with my own symptom, namely “Autonomic imbalance”, which I've been suffering for a long periods.

How it is stressful when the exchange rate is renewal every few seconds...maybe you cannot imagine. And maybe...that is investment. I must admit I'm still novice level in investing.