Sunday, January 01, 2012

Why not turn over a new leaf in 2012???

I know I’m just procrastinating & I have yet to take off the ground…What I mean is I can’t come up with the ideas on what to bring up as a topic for the New Year’s Day…
But anyway,  A HAPPY HAPPY 2012, Viewers!
Indeed, New Year has begun…hahaha!

Last night, I went to ODAIBA (TOKYO BAYFRONT) to see countdown and catch a glimpse of stunning view, namely the Statue of Liberty , Rainbow Bridge or whatever, and it was indeed my first time to be there…LOL

I’ve just explored more a lot as if I were a foreigner as I mentioned on some SNS… Yes I must admit there are such a many places that I haven’t visited even in Tokyo Area! Really shamefully enough to say, the thing is EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE and can’t easily to drop by (-_-)

Apart from its exceedingly high price, better I turn my eyes more onto internal rather than external, as I’ve been abroad quite a few as you already knew…Including United States of America where I have lived for a couple of years back in late 70s…there are totally 15 countries & regions which I have been so far.

Sorry, I just went off on a tangent quite a bit…but hey… this is my year…!!
My CHINESE ZODIAC IS DRAGON…So wish all my dreams come true at any rate!

January 1st is the very beginning of the New Year, according to our saying;
New Year’s Day is the key of the year or in original Japanese;

It might sound too conventional to say but…why not turn over a new leaf & do what we can from this day onward, shall we???

Sincerely hope a best of luck to you all & enjoy 2012!!