Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are you faith in fate?

Hi viewers!
You know it's pretty muggy out there. I don't like that season which makes me irritate and allows me to lose my energy, either. I sometimes feel like I'm almost dehydrated, due to the weather, the temperature, and the humidity, so I tend to get a lot of drink. But it seems to me it's kind of a vicious circle of developing some life related disease if I drink a lot. Furthermore, I might develop such kind of disease like diabetes, also it's possibly to cause a sort of complications which is coming from it pretty much easier than I were expected. As you know, I'm already middle aged now, so judging from all this, maybe I've got to need a thorough examination from time to time.

Ok, let's get back to the topic. Well, I've got to refer to an unfortunate matter regarding the theme that I submitted. That is to say, my uncle abruptly passed away on Wed, whereas he was getting better in bits and pieces during his hospitalization. When I heard the news from my mom, it was a deep shock to me, and in no time at all, I was disoriented, started to lose ground, and didn't know what to do. Because he was so gentle, tolerant, and was very kind to me as well.
Moreover, he was renowned as a competent painter, and was so familiarized from his fans alike.
Now and then I would drop in at his private exhibitions when I was young. He loved drawing mountains so much, so his recent works all represent magnificent views surrounding spectacular mountains. But why did he love mountains? Well, as long as I'm concerned, his walking path may drop a hint. For example, like a meandering road on half way up to the peak may suggest his lifetime from the cradle to the grave. I'm warning you, you know it's just a groundless suspicion, who knows?

I'm still not sure the reason why all of a sudden uncle had to go to his final rest, whereas he was so motivated to be up and about to continue his work until at the last minute. Remember that I lost my dad last Nov? It had not been until a year before my uncle died. He was elder than my dad by two years. Although their respective characters were a quite opposite one from the other, both dad and uncle were getting along with each other very well. Having lost two of my folks within a short period of time, I'm so grieving, even I feel like as if I were dreaming a nightmare.

But I don't like to regard it as a fate, otherwise I'll feel down and out, and I'm unlikely to be bounced back as well. So I'll try to think positive no matter how it's heart-rending for me to think about it. Ok, that's enough. Talk to you later, my fellows!