Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Greetings

A Happy New Year!
2007 has already come, I rather feel cheerful and gay at the beginning.

As you know, Saddam Hussein was executed at the very end of last year.
What is more the Iraq government ensured his death to people around the world by showing us his video footage just right before and after of the execution.
But you know the city of Baghdad had already been bombard many times before, and it doesn’t seem any signs of reconstruction so far.

It can be said the death of Saddam is milestone of the state’s democracy, as president Bush mentioned after that, yet it is unlikely that the incumbent prime minister in Iraq has power to stabilize the country.
There are still many explosions taking place around the city, and the citizens are forced to being jeopardized now and then.

To explore the issue, we have to reconsider the humanization at first.
I think the most people throughout a world are for his death, because he was a dictator and killed many citizens during his presidency.
On the contrary, however there are some groups such as Amnesty or whatever who are against his execution, thereby it should be controversial as well.

What if Saddam were not executed, and probably were sentenced to life imprisonment or something?
Chances are that many bereaved family from the Shiite must have not been convinced of the court ruling, if he were still alive.

Hence, the execution showed some progress in the phase of its democratization on the whole, whereas the resolution of the internal conflict among Sunnite, Shiite, or the Kurds remains to be seen.
And in my last word to all the viewers concerning this issue, I would like to say that any nation around the world should be resolute in abolishing mass weapons not to wage war any more for the sake of human dignity.

Ok guys.., have a nice New Year,