Sunday, September 21, 2008

A triple ordeal I've got to deal with

Maybe it's pretty a long time I haven't accessed hi5. Indeed, I seldom check this out unless anyone leave me messages or letting me know a new friend request is coming up via my email address.
A given title is what's on my mind and also what haunts me all the way.

Needless to say, “A triple” indicates 3, but I'll leave them out what they are. And I don't want to expose the shame of my own in public, either.
During these several months, everything had changed and I had lost my way.
Although I'm the one that to be blamed for...I decided not to let things go any further.
Maybe…that is not the answer to my troubles…I’ve got to get through the turbulence throughout my life.

So I decided to start over my life from scratch.I found the new job here in Tokyo. It is a kind of the life insurance business. But I'll get peanuts each month, because I cannot work long hours for now. But it is still alright with me.
You know life looks like the fluctuating stocks or the foreign exchange rate, because it is sometimes skyrocketing or plummeting abruptly.Or it could be said it is compared to the changeable weather, sometimes it is clear, while it rains cats and dogs, sometimes.

But I've got to accept everything rain or shine, and my life maybe not just for my own. That means I've got to care for myself more a lot.

Alright, I'll keep posting as much as I could.