Thursday, March 02, 2006

Don't you think it's difficult?

Hi viewers,
It is said that conducting English precisely in both speaking and writing is always challenging to us non-native speakers.I guess it's almost impossible to acquire flawless English, no matter how you became advanced, or near native level.
Whereas you're brushing up on it almost everyday, like doing your own reading practice, writing, listening, or whatever, you'll find that it's still a long way to go to your destinations.
So why is that?

What I can bring up is one thing. It's typical, as you know.
Imagine that you are a student taking some English class. Also you're now reading a textbook in the classroom. Shortly after that, a teacher will probably try to explain the contents of it in Japanese all the way. Don't you feel that kind of situation is really boring and monotonous as can be? How come would it be possible to improve your new language in such a conventional way? Don't you think it's really weird to stick around and see how your practice goes over a decade?

Given that you were living in overseas, maybe such a problem could be worked out in no time. What's more, you would be surprised to hear some excellent English among pre-grade students elsewhere outside the country, even you wander around from place to place while you are visiting for a short period.
What I can surely say is, the bulk of English learners here in Japan are self-educated, with the exemption of those who had ever studied abroad for at least a couple of years or so.
Judging from all this, there's no way you should feel obliged to write English structures correctly, since you hadn't well enough to be trained over the past years.

To the contrary, however it's pretty as an amazing even the pre-grade students living abroad talk to each other both in English and in their national language simultaneously, like English and Cantonese, for instance.I think the education with bountiful programs in their early ages is the key to the success as to become bilingual. It helps expand your vocabularies pretty much easier in the smaller class than the bigger one.
It is unfortunate to know that our classes in Japan are flooded with students when considering what the appropriate language education should be. It should be downsized in its figures like those of the U.S, or some European nations.
It's really hard to take off the ground for your better practice after graduating an university, and joining a company. It's really hard nut crack to solve the problem such as expressing your ideas correctly on the spot.
So what are your ideas?
Well, see ya!