Thursday, March 30, 2006

To whom it may concern

The following story is my harsh ctiticism about a certain message board concerning local tests in Japan;

≫Hi viewers!
So sorry for getting back to you late, but I didn’t mean to shy away from it.
The main reason why I’ve been stranded for updating is, you know I’ve had it up to here with cleaning up the mess, see what I mean?

Unlike your earnest postings, there are so many disturbing messages around that I feel reluctant to write about something of my own these days.
Besides it is no use getting actively involved discussing over trivial matters like the personal realms and stuff.
What is worse, some stupid jerks are still out here. They become obsessed with discouraging us sincere people by smearing all the while. I realized that there was no need to stick around of it any further.
Once his or her hidden motive has shown up as if they were that of zombie's, rampaging through all the way, and it’s actually pain in the neck to us as well. Before long they’ll go up in smoke, then it goes on and on and on, as you know.

The only way you could skirt around is, try not to be a sitting duck, so that you could avoid it.
No other options for your learning?
I don’t think so. Why do you so adhere to your conventional ideas that you follow their advices which seem definitely in the guise of their camaraderie?
Like it or not, I’m sure you would go through ups and downs even further as long as you keep posting here.

I hear you have some foreign friends around you, so why not make use of them to full extent instead for your better understand?
Don’t you think it’s audacious that some Japanese who are still in the phase of some learning curves trying to correct your sentence structure? Even better, their making structures are too incapable to be vouched for in the eyes of native speakers. Still, are you willing to stick up for it?
≪You are the last one who make me feel disappointed≫ is anyone’s guess. That’s what the virtual reality is. Try not to count too much on that. There’s nothing but living in the real world is certain, where you can see each other face to face.
Ok, enough of that. Talk to you later!