Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just remembering my sis Mariko...

Well, as I wrote on Face-book ― one of the popular social net working service I've currently mingled with ― today is my then sister Mariko's birthday, who passed away at the age of 30 in Feb 2002.

She turns to be 39 if she were alive, so her life was very short considering the tragic incident...and she will never come back, of course.

But at least what I can do for her is to mourn over her sudden passing with her daughter (my niece) every year for her. However, my niece and I are far apart, I live in Tokyo, while she lives in Sendai with her dad (my brother-in-law), gland-ma and gland-pa, which is about 400km away from my place. Still I believe our bond is solid enough to be as one, no matter how we are apart. So it should be no problem for us…I believe.

I still don't know whether Mariko led happy life or not during her lifetime, and still don't know why she had to end her life not by accidentally, but by choosing her death of her own accord.

Well, I don't intend to speculate about the cause of her death at this time at all.
But I only wanted to bear this in my mind forever as long as I live.
What is more, today is the day to pay my tribute to the past when she was still alive, spending her days with us family, which are my then dad ― who also passed away at the age of 70 in Nov 2004―, my mom ― who has been hospitalized for a long since Nov 2006 ―, and me.

I remember my sister was a bit clumsy in terms of leading her life just as me, which means she was unlikely to let things go away, rather she let all her troubles pile up inside of her mind and never tried to consult with us whenever something wrong happened to her.

It is so hard to imagine how she was stressful…even couldn’t let it all hang out to her husband, and consequently ended up committing suicide, leaving her 1 year old daughter behind.

And the time passed by after years down the road, my niece has grown up, now she is 9 year old, also in the 4th grade in elementary school.
Provided that she had been older than her current age, which supposed to be 15 or 16, the incident of her mom’s death must have been much more shock to her…I assume.

Luckily enough, she still doesn’t realize much about her mom’s death at present, yet she has a right to know about the truthfulness in the course of getting grownups.
The chances are that my niece must be far more robust in her spirit than we expect, even though she had lost her beloved mother, thereby her mother could rest her soul peacefully in heaven.

In my last word to all the visitors reading this topic, I would like to say thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

And also at the very end of the story, I would like to say to my sis Mariko,
Just be relaxed sis, so that God’s love showers upon you though I’ m not faith in Christianity,