Saturday, October 23, 2004

what's more about my novel,again

Hi,I'm take393,today I'd like to mention about my novel,once more.
After we both had broken up,I was just wondering around seeking some lovers, meanwhile my ex-girl friend got married spending extravagant days.
we sometimes kept in touch with each other,knowing what's going around after we've been left apart,but later I found that it was all in vain.
I ve noticed that she would never come back,and my love seemed so far...
so I just quit chasing her for good and tried to find another one.
However,it didn't go well...and a year passed by,I turned to 19...
while I was sophomore in college, a letter came in to my apatment when I got back home,and found my ex-girls'sudden passing due to the car accident.The letter was from her mother,saying she had got involved in the car clash..while she was driving express way with her husband.I was so shocked to hear the incident that I coudn't help but burst into tears.
This incident made me go insane after that,I counldn't control myself either.
I was so hopeless to live without her,just hanging around,started to use some drags,and started to hop around from bar to bar seeing some bad friends to get acquainted with in order to get some drags...

Well,of course it wasn't myself,it's just a fucking story,you know. Alright fulks,let't get into take further steps next week,take care!


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