Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'll recommend you to visit Hakone when you visit Japan

Almost 4 months passed since I posted here last time, forget it!
Now it is during the GW (Golden-Week, which are consecutive holidays from Apr 29-May 5 in Japan), and many people flocking to the sight-seeing spots across the country during this season, and Hakone is not exempted!

Imagine dozens of vehicles are getting bumper to bumper, which is 30 miles long or longer, even pedestrians are going faster than cars...lol

So I guess mass transit (I mean...train) is the wiser choice when you hang out elsewhere than using vehicles because of this fuckin' crazy traffic Jam!

Speaking of traffic Jam...I remember Bangkok is also dreadful...even worse than Tokyo!

Sorry...I went off on a tangent. Let's get back to the topic.

The reason why I brought up Hakone for this topic is just because I feel attached to this spots.

Maybe I've already visited Hakone more than 10 times in my life, when I was in teen-ager, my 20s, 30s and the current 40s.

The first time I visited here was as far back as 1979, which I was 14 (9th grader). I visited here with my family also my relatives (my uncles, aunts, cousins...Grandma and Grandpa).
There were actually many parties involved (maybe 20 people or more, since my Grandma and Grandpa were still alive at that time), and I remember we celebrated their Golden-wedding (50th anniversary) nearby when we were staying in Hakone...yes!!
My Grandma was 69, and Grandpa was 74, but they were still young.
But both passed away after years down the road (Grandpa passed away at the age of 88 in 1993, while grandma was 84 in 1994)...so nearly 2 decades has passed already.

The second time I visited Hakone was maybe in my age of 25 or something with my friends. I remember we visited nice spa (hot spring) nearby, being soaked in hot water together with full of joy! It's called “Hakone Kowakien”,
If you have visited Hakone already...guess that name rings a bell, you know.

Now I'm 45 year-old, and I seem getting senile...sorry I'm just joking...but even I get order, Hakone draws me a lot, nonetheless!
Why is that? I don't know for sure, but one reason that could explain is the bunch of sight-seeing spots here and there which attract people regardless of their age!
Take a look at the link;


This web must be helpful for new comers to Japan. Hope it helps.

Only the problem is its fuckin' outrageous price while staying in Japan, compared with other nations such as South East Asian countries...Once you have visited Japan you'll be flabbergasted at its fuckin' expensive price wherever you go...even me as locals feel the same…oh Jesus!

So make sure to carry more bucks with you when you come to Japan...they don't rip you off, but incredibly expensive here…I’m not joking at all!

But anyway, I'm sure it will make your day.
Why not visit Hakone first when you come to Japan?
I’ll show you around for sure, he he
Breathtakingly beautiful sky with beautiful Mt and lakes surely heal your heart, I suppose^^

Ok have a nice day, minasan!

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